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For many companies or businesses is important to catch new customers and keep the olds to fulfill with the sales objectives. Some key facts to get that the clients keep with the company is offering them a product or service of good quality, give them an excellent attention always and making campaigns for the many festivities along the year.

Christmas campaign is maybe the most important of the year because it attracts a great number of buyers and besides it becomes in the ideal excuse to strengthen the commercial relation with the customers, reaffirming the commitment of give an excellent attention thanking the customer for his preference.

A good way to make this is by a Christmas missive. In this section we bring you two examples of missives that you can send to all the users to wish them the best in Christmas.

Example Nº 1 of a business Christmas letter:

Bonanza store
Asturias street Nº 592
Phone: 3174657

Dear customers:

Receive regards from the Bonanza store in this Christmas time.

We are a company whose principal commitment is offering to their customers the best products with the best quality and the best price. We always have believed that the families are the base of our society and for that we strive for your welfare.

Christmas is a very special time which we remember the birth of the child Jesus in the manger and we appreciate the importance that the family has. Is a time to celebrate by the side of our loved ones and look at their side, the true happiness.

We are very grateful with you because you always have shown your preference for our store and is a pleasure for us to serve you. For that in this Christmas, we want to express our best wishes to live a merry Christmas at the side of your families and the peace and happiness fill your hearts.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year full of much happiness. Are the wishes of,

Bonanaza store.

Example Nº 2 of a Christmas business letter:

Grown financial
Engineers avenue Nº 840
Phone 93746523

To our appreciated users:

By the present we want to salute you and express you our best feelings in this December time.

We feel very grateful for counting with excellent customers like you, for prefer our institution and trust on us. Our commitment always has been and will be support our customers to make their projects true and fills us with joy that you reach the success thanks to our support.

In these Christmas holidays we have a very special opportunity to share in family the love and the joy of our loved ones, leaving behind all those worries of the life and filling us with hope in a better world.

We wish that you can live at the side of yours a merry Christmas and when receive the child Jesus in your lives, strengthen the family union. Also we wish that in the New Year the prosperity and the success arrive to your homes.


Grown financial

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