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Probably, there is no day when we feel happier, in reference to our academic life, that the day that finally, sometimes against all odds, we finished college and ventured into the world, ready to face a whole new set of challenges that will allow us to enter into the struggle for achieving our dreams.

Finishing college is a kind of automatic initiation to a life of work, a different phase in which we must act with maturity, greater independence and achievement orientation. If you know someone who is about to start in this new life, then for him or her would be nice to receive an encouraging message from you, a phrase that will strengthen all his/her hard work and make them feel successfull, after all, he/she has fulfilled the task .

You will see that it is received in the best way, with heartfelt thanks from the deep heart and all the love in the world. Below, we present several examples, so you can choose the ones you like and share.

Free examples of graduation texts:

:: “It is a very special day in your career, so I have nothing else to extend to you my sincere congratulations. It is really admirable effort you spent, the sacrifices you had to endure and all the courage with which you faced the challenges of the road, but finally made it. I know you will reach much further and, believe it or not, this is just the beginning”.
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:: “You came to the finish of your college career and the truth is that not everyone arrive in the best way, but you have proved to everyone that it is possible when you really want it. You make justice to the phrase: “Who perseveres, reaches”. You have done it in a great way and have inspire many to follow your model; You give us a lot of pride”.
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:: “What a wonder news; thanks to your efforts and dedication you finally fulfilled the goal that you had aim years ago. Today all that remains is a celebration in which you share with your loved ones all the success you have achieved. Tell them a little about your experience and help inspire and motivate those still in the fight. Kisses”.
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:: “On this special day I want to send warm congratulations, because you are one of the most consistent people I know. You have taught me a lot and that inspires me to keep fighting every day, because I know if I put my effort I will be also able to do it. I am glad you have done it so well, you are a great role model. Never stop challenging yourself, that will allow you to keep growing”.
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:: “You finally have finished college, the suffering will end, at least in part, in your past. But the part that stays with you is all the lessons you have learnt, allowing you to develope fluently and successfully at work, that you can be sure. I hope you know that we wish you well, but probably you do not need that desire, because I know you will succeed without problems. Again, we send you our congratulations, you are all a success”.
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:: “Today we are gathered here because you have achieved it, you have showed all of us the aims that you are able to achieve, so we have come to celebrate all your determination and effort. A phase of your life is closed and you enter another one, with its own challenges and rewards. Congratulations, you have got very far and the path has a way to walk yet”.
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:: “You have come this far because you let the Lord teach you what you were made of, so achieving, avail yourself of your own tools and strengths, finding your opportunities for improvement and taking them to get everything right”.
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:: “After the time invested, you have managed to reach the goal that you have in mind when you finish the school. Remember that study gives us a lot of knowledge, but that it also gives us life, so now begins this new part of your adventure. We are very proud of you, do not ever hesitate about it”.
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The time when a young college graduate, is ideal to celebrate next to all his loved ones, feeling triumphant for all his successes and full of expectations for what is to come in this new phase. Remember to congratulate everyone who is in this situation, you will see that it will be well received. See you soon, good luck and goodbye.

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