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We should all take advantage of our loved ones’ birthday in order to express our feelings for them.

Your girlfriend’s birthday is the perfect occasion to let her know how you feel for her from the bottom of your heart and also wish her the best birthday ever.

A nice touch would be to send her a written text, but if you do not know what to write, you are in the right place. On the next lines we offer you a list of texts you can use to wish her a happy birthday on her special day.

Share beautiful Birthday texts for your girlfriend:

:: “What a beautiful day to celebrate the birthday of the most beautiful woman in the whole world. You are a good person who deserves only the best, today and always. Let us celebrate together a birthday that you will never forget”.
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:: “There is no one who makes me smile like you do, you have changed my life and thanks to you I learned to love for the first time. For all this and more, I wish you a happy birthday, my love. You will always have a special place in my heart”.
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:: “I am very grateful to life for having allowed me to meet you and show you that I was the man you were waiting for. I live happy thanks to you and I would give anything to always see you smile. Happy birthday my queen, you mean everything in the world to me”.
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:: “If it were not for you, I would not be dreaming so high and so far away. You are the one who gets me to the sky and makes me see things more clearly. I am happy with you and it is more than enough for me to know that you love me to be happy. Let us celebrate a birthday you will never forget”.
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:: “My world spins around you, we share a life together, but we know how to manage our space, this relationship is everything I ever wanted. I am very happy you having met you, fate has good plays now and then. I love you so much, happy birthday”.
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:: “There is no one in this world that has stolen my heart like you have. You are the princess that has taken over my head and therefore you deserve more than just a happy birthday, you deserve the best birthday ever”.
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:: “My happiness depends on you and only you. You have managed to win my heart and now you deserve to celebrate your birthday in style”.
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:: “If I could you kiss you passionately right now, trust me I would not hesitate. I miss very much since I left, but today I came back to see you and not miss one more second of this day. See you later my love, I love you very much. Happy Birthday”.
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Be sure your girlfriend will like these birthday texts very much. Be sincere and say what you mean and what you feel, you will see that everything will go well.

Cute birthday texts for your partner

In such an important day as the birthday of your beloved, you need to show all of your affection. You can do this through words that express your love, you can be sure that a text with a profound message will go great with your gift.

To make this a great day does not mean you have to give an expensive gift, your inventive will be enough for everything to be special and make him or her very happy.

On the next few lines we offer you some examples of how you can dedicate some words of love to that special person in your life, for the day of his or her birthday.

Free examples of birthday texts for your partner:

:: “My love, today you celebrate another year of life and I love that we can celebrate it together. It is a date that brings me great happiness, as a day like today you were born and you complement my life perfectly. I want you to know that I love you too much and that I always want you to be happy with me, but especially that today is a memorable day for you. I hope to bring out lots of smiles from you and show how special you are to me at every moment. Have a very happy birthday my sweetheart”.
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:: “Happy Birthday my love, I hope you have the best day of all, I will make it unforgettable for you. This date is only for smiling as it was the day that you came into the world a very special person, a person who is the reason of my joy and with whom I share my life. I hope that today and always I can show you how much love you, my life”.
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:: “Honey, you are the most special person in my life, never doubt my love for you is so great that it cannot be measured. Since the day I met you I knew that you were the perfect person for me and I was not wrong, only you are able to make me happy in every way and every second of my life. So, today that is the day of your birthday, I want to thank you for all the love and joy that you give me and say that I hope we get to spend this and all other birthdays of our lives. May this be the best birthday for you, my love”.
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:: “Life gave me the good fortune to meet such a nice person like you, a person who made me experience true love and who makes my days happy. Today we will have a very special day because it is the day of your birthday and I just want to give you reasons to be happy and joyful by giving you all my love, many kisses and endless hugs to show you the profound love I have for you. I wish you the best in the world, I adore you”.
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Dedicate these birthday texts to your beloved; they will help you express your feelings. Remember that your boyfriend or girlfriend’s birthday is an important moment in your relationship, and a good gesture as this will enhance the love between the two of you. Good luck.

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