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Nowadays, it is very common that we find a lot of businesses and companies that, at the time of recruitment, ask applicants for a letter of introduction. This practice is more common when looking for staff to occupy a position of great importance within an organization.

The purpose of this letter is that the applicant presents a summary in which they talk about their work experience and the skills they have at a professional level. In this section we will bring you two examples of letters of introduction for professionals in the field of engineering. You can customize the examples we offer you below or you can use them as a basis to make your own.

Example No. 1 of a presentation letter for an engineer:

Caracas, October 10, 2013

Alberto Parra Herrera
Heroes Avenue No 892
Phone 8204562

Industrial Taylor
Human Resources Department
Casas Avenue No 830
Phone 2864590

To whom it may concern:

Through this letter I would like to make present to Industrial Taylor the following.

My name is Alberto Parra Herrera, I am an industrial engineer by profession with tuition Nº 70002365. I am 25 years of age and I have two years of experience in the area of industrial engineering. The purpose of this letter is to communicate my desire to apply for the job opening for an Industrial Engineer you are offering.

During my years of experience I have been able to learn how industrial engineering is put into practice in the manufacturing sector , for that reason I desire to be a part of a big company like Industrial Taylor and thus expand my professional experience and make a great contribution to the company with my work.

Along with this letter you will find my resume in which I describe in more detail my experience, education and professional profile . I appreciate the importance you can provide to my application .


Alberto Parra Herrera
Industrial Engineer

Example No. 2 of a presentation letter for an engineer:

Asuncion , November 15, 2013

Ana López Guerra
Los Gladiolos Avenue No 795

Area of human resources
Bolivar Avenue 820
Phone 6207295

To whom it may concern :

Through this letter I sent a very cordial greeting to all the family of OFISYSTEMS SA and want to make of their knowledge the following.

My name is Ana López Guerra, I am 32 years old and I am a systems engineer specialized in networks. I have over eight years of experience in related connectivity and networking companies, along which I have acquired a vast experience and knowledge and I have considered as the next step in my career to work for a company of the importance of OFISYSTEMS SA.

I know the work that this company performs and I know that with my knowledge and experience I can achieve great things in your company. I am an honest and responsible professional who knows how to fulfill the expectations of her employers, which is why I consider myself a good candidate for the position you offer .

Attached to this letter you will find my resume, in which you can find in more detail all my experience and my professional profile. I appreciate the care provided.


Ana López Guerra
Systems Engineer

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