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Father’s Day letters
to my partner

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On Father’s Day a tribute is paid to all men who are fortunate enough to have children. In that special date it is important to cordially greet all the male members of your family, your friends and your loved ones who have the joy of being a father.

Do not forget to say hi to your husband for being such a loving parent, you can surprise him by dedicating some nice words where you express your gratitude and congratulate him for being so nice to your children.

Here are two examples of special messages for your partner on Father’s Day. He would love to receive such a cute detail on that day.Best Father's Day greetings to my love.#FathersDayWishes

Father’s Day letter to my love 1 :

From: Carolina
To: Adolfo

My beloved Adolfo, I am sending you this message to say hi for Father’s Day and tell you how happy I am to be married to you.

When we got engaged, my life was different.

Gone was my loneliness and my sorrows, you made me believe again in love and you healed my heart that was hurt by past disappointments. By your side I discovered that love is a real feeling that does exists.

So far, the memories of our wedding day are engraved in my mind, you and I took hands and swore before God to be together forever.

Today we have three beautiful children who have become the reason of our lives and I want you to know that I am very grateful to you because you are a very loving father to them.

Every day you work hard so they do not lack anything and I know you are even willing to give your life for them. I love you so much my love, you are a wonderful husband and a dedicated father.

On this important day I want you to know that by your side I am very happy because we have a beautiful family. I admire you a lot and my love for you becomes larger every day. Many congratulations on Father’s Day, your children and I love you very much.Get Father's Day messages for Husband.#FathersDayWishes

Father’s Day letter to my love 2 :

From: Marisol
To: Alejandro

Beloved Alejandro, on this special day I wanted to say hello to you to Father’s Day. I am very happy to be your wife and the mother of your children.

On the day you declared your love I felt an enormous happiness because it was something I had been waiting for, we have experienced many things that have made our love stronger.

When you told me you wanted to marry me, it was actually one of my biggest dreams because I wanted to form a family with you.

Today that we have a beautiful baby we have bonded even more. You are a wonderful man and our little baby will always feel very proud to be your son. The Lord has blessed our home and we will be together forever.

On this beautiful day I want to tell you that I wish you all the best for being such a tender father, may God allows us to have a long life to see our son grow. May you have a beautiful Father’s Day, are the sincere wishes of your wife.Search for sweet Father's Day wishes for Husband.#FathersDayWishes

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