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One of the most valuable treasures that can be in this world is a true friendship, and that is because a true friend is someone you can always count on no matter that you are living through, happy moments or moments of sadness and difficulty.

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Free examples of friendship texts:

:: “Friendship is enjoying life with people who appreciate us and whom we cherish. It is priceless to have someone who supports us, who is by our side in the precise moments. A friend always accompany us, advises us and especially accepts us as we are, without judging us, so we feel very good with him or her and we would never get away”.
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:: “Nobody makes me also feel like you do, only you are able to listen to me with patience and show me my mistakes so that I can correct them. No matter how many times we do not agree, after all we are friends and the great bond that unites us is above any difference. Thank you for being such a great friend and for giving me your sincere friendship. I love you”.
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:: “Many people come into our lives, but only true friends manage to leave a mark in on our hearts. Friendship is a feeling that arises gradually, as we accumulate pleasant experiences with someone and an indestructible bond can be formed. Friends will always be there, not just for fun, but also to comfort. You are the kind of friend who I was always looking for and that I why I like you so much”.
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:: “When some people turn their back on me I do not feel desperate because I know that you will always offer me a helping hand. No matter if we are far away or nearby, we always stick together and that is something that enriches our friendship. You are like a part of my family and I promise that our friendship will last forever”.
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:: “It is a great privilege to have a friend like you, as you are very funny, sympathetic and sincere. You are never busy when it comes to me, always willing to give me a helping hand. Thank you so much for being who you are and because despite my mistakes you appreciate me and never leave me alone”.
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:: “One of my priceless treasures is the friendship that unites us. I have told you many times, but I will never get tired of repeating it: you are more than just a friend to me, you are like a brother. It is gratifying to know that I can totally rely on you because you have never failed me and I know you will not. I cannot imagine my life without you. Thanks for everything”.
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A friendship can emerge spontaneously but we cannot wait for it to strengthen and last forever without doing something for that to happen. Let us take care of our good friends and always try to compensate them for all the good things they do for us, that way we can have them forever.

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