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When you have been married for a long time, your husband becomes almost the only person with whom you share your life with and with whom you can always count for any eventuality.

Beside the gift you thought for him, a text expressing your best wishes and feelings is a detail that he will never forget and which he will always remember emotively. On the lines below we offer you a list of text examples that you can use. Choose the one you like, good luck.

Free examples of birthday texts for my husband:

:: “If you knew what I have prepared for you, you would not understand how I accomplished it, but I did it because I want to see you happy and I want you to remember that I love you so much I would do anything for you. I do not want this birthday be just one more of many to come. We will make it so special that we will never forget it. I want you to know that I miss you a lot and that today more than ever I want to spend all day with you. I wish you a happy birthday my love, I know that we have a lot on our future and it makes me happy to know that I will walk with you throughout this journey”.
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:: “What a blessing it is to know that even if we have shared so much together, this year has helped us learn a lot from each other to improve our communication and trust. To know that I have you by my side to make you happy just like you make me happy. I only want you to have a birthday that you will never erase from your memory”.
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:: “My love, all the month I have been thinking about this wonderful day, so special for both of us. I do not know how to express what I feel, perhaps there are no words yet to describe this, but telling you that I love you with all my heart is a good summary. I know I show you how much I love you a lot, but I will never get tired of reminding it to you. Happy Birthday my love”.
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:: “My life, I wish you the best, today you will receive the best gift plus many hugs and kisses. You are an amazing man from who I always learn something new, you make me happy and now it is my turn to make you happy. I hope you have a nice birthday and enjoy every moment of the day. I love you”.
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:: “I thought a lot about what to get you, but I realized that we enjoy the most is spending time together, doing whatever, as long as we are together. Whatever we do, the most important thing is that we feel comfortable and eager to move forward with the best spirits. I wish you the best birthday so far, you will see that you will be surprised with the gift that I have for you. I love you my life”.
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We are sure that your husband will like this nice detail you have prepared for him. Remember to remind him how much you love him and value him, it is important to keep strengthening your marriage on the basis of trust and communication. Come back soon for more texts for various occasions. You will do just fine, enjoy the day.

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