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looking for a job, success job interview, dealing with a job interviewStrengths and weaknesses in a job interview

When a company is looking for professionals, they begin with the reception of the resumes of the candidates for the post they applied for and then they select the most suitable candidates who are then called for an interview for the job. A job interview has several objectives.

In first place to meet the candidate for the post. Also to be able to corroborate the data that the candidate described in the resume, and learn a little about their other jobs. In the development of this stage the interviewer may ask many questions to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.

How to respond appropriately to the questions they make you? In this occasion we will teach you how to properly handle your advantages and disadvantages when you show up to a job interview.


One of the most important things in a job interview is that the applicant shows all the abilities and advantages he has. It is not necessary that the person interviewing him asks questions about what advantages he has. A skillful applicant makes clear what his advantage is from the start of the conversation with the interviewer.

Being cautious in the work is something companies cherish in the candidates. You must answer concisely and clearly, with a confident pronunciation to every question you are asked, without deviating from the subject.

When the interviewer asks you about your professional skills, you can answer by saying that you are a serious person in your work and that you strive to meet the company’s objectives. You can add that you are responsible and know how to work in teams under pressure, and have an appropriate level of communication with customers and always looking to solve the problems that are normally present in a company. Mentioning some of these strengths will help you get that job.

You can also tell your interviewer about the other benefits you have such as education and preparation and your desire to develop yourself as a professional. For this occasion you may want to print your resume and have it with you, along with some previous work documents or records of your instruction.


During the course of the interview they will want to know what would be the disadvantages you may have to consider your potential in your possible recruitment for the position you are applying for, so it is very important to be good at answering when you do this kind of questions.

Almost all the questions they make you will focus mainly on your professional profile, however occasionally they may ask you some questions about your private life How comfortable are you in the neighborhood where you live?, Are you in a permanent romantic relationship? , How do you see yourself 20 years from now? Give honest answers to questions and in a clear way.

Keep in mind the importance of an honest answer to these questions, because if you alter some of these data or keep them to you, the result could eliminate you from the election process for that job. Shows an appropriate image and express yourself with words that demonstrate your competence. Your presentation has to make an impact.

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