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One of the most recommended items to include in your resume is a letter of recommendation. It highlights all the strengths we have which the different organizations we have worked for have noticed. These strengths will be those which will motivate other organizations prefer us among many people.

The most interesting part of the letter of recommendation is that it is signed by the person who is recommending you. It is common for this type of letter to be signed by the person who was your immediate boss at your previous job or any person holding a senior position in the company, any case it has to have a significant position for its recommendation carries significant weight in your sheet of life, this way you can really find a job soon.

We recommend that you compose the letter by yourself, so the person who will recommend you needs only to read and sign, and avoid any kind of bothering. Do not forget that in this card you have to highlight your strengths, such as: responsibility, your effort, your way of working, your teamwork, your ability to cope with work pressure, etc.

So here we divide your letter of recommendation in four main points:

Identification: Here you have to put the person involved in the selection process. That is why is good to know who is, for you to put his or her name.

Context: Here you have to write all the functions that you have held during the time you’ve worked, do not forget to write as if you were the person who is recommending you. Then you can highlight all the strengths you possess when you worked in your workplace, trying to relate some important features which are also required for the company you’re applying.

Recommendation: It is very important to put some detail that differentiates you and stand out from the other applicants for the chance to have an interview.

Closing: In closing we recommend a farewell gratefully and with respect for the time dedicated as well as reaffirming that you are available when needed.

Free example of a recommendation letter:

August 21st, 2013

Mr. Daniel Orellana Montalvan
Human Resources Manager of Smaro SAC
873 The Geraniums Avenue

I would like to make known we worked with Ms. Mariela Del Solar through five years, during this time I was her supervisor in the administrative area, and I realize about her commitment and effort to do her job well and give everything meeting the objectives of the company.

Therefore I would recommend Ms. del Solar, so I’m sure it will fulfill all your expectations and not be disappointed if she is elected.

I remain to answer any questions or concerns about this.



Francisco Coronado Malve
Manager of AMOGYM SAC

We expect this sample of letter of recommendation to be useful for you to do yours and realize that this will be a tool for you to get jobs faster.

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