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When we are in search of a job position, the first thing we do is to write our curriculum vitae and we strive to do our best, since through that document the recruiter will determine if we meet the desired requirements and if we are suitable candidates to fill the job opening and thus be called for a personal interview.

Once you have your resume ready, the next step will be to search for work options and send your CV to the specified e mail address. This is a good opportunity to do a very simple description of yourself, your hours of availability, and if you are willing to work in another city, etc. This according to the requirements they request that are not included in your resume.

Do not forget that your information must be truthful and must use serious language, very respectful. Also if you have any questions, it is possible that you solve them through the e mail message. The idea is that you should avoid sending an email only with your resume without typing anything in the message body.

Something that is also gaining special importance is writing a professional introduction letter, this is complementary to the curriculum and helps you make a little more extensive introduction than you would through the e mail submission. Do not forget that it should talk a bit about your experience, your training and job expectations.

Finally, we leave you with an example of a professional introduction letter, use it as a base to compose your own letter according to your profession and the requirements of the job position you are applying for. Do not forget to keep an order similar to the example.

Example of a job application letter:

Lima, October 8, 2013

Mario Ospina Pérez
Campodónico Street 870
Phone: 7834500

Mr. Wilfredo Bernal
Human Resources Office
Los Sauces Avenue 720
Phone: 2506048

Mr. Bernal:

Through the present letter I send my regards and formally introduce myself as candidate for the post of Network Administrator, call which was published through website.

My name is Mario Ospina Pérez and I am a systems engineer with a degree from the University of the Atlantic, I am 26 years old and have over 3 years’ experience as a network administrator which enables me to take control and management of any network system.

I enclose my resume to be considered in the selection process for the position in question. I really appreciate your attention.

Best regards,

Mario Ospina Pérez
Systems Engineer

Do not forget that when writing a document like a resume or an introduction letter, it is best to use Arial 11 or 12 according to its length. You should also include your current contact data and a recent photograph. Your email also says a lot about you, so you better make one specifically to send your CV.

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