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Nice friendship messages
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One of the most precious treasures we have is our friends, those people with whom we share many things and are always with us in good and bad times.

Today it is easy to keep connected to those people who we can’t see very often. For example through Whatsapp Messenger you can chat with your friends and be aware of what happens. In this article we show you a list of messages for Whatsapp related to friendship.Download friendship picture & messages to send by whatsapp

Get Whatsapp friendship messages

:: “I do not own everything I could wish, however I am very fortunate because I have the best friends in the world”.

:: “It’s really a blessing to have such special friends who always show me that I am important to them, thanks to all my friends”.

:: “Your friendship has helped me a lot, I have learned so many valuable things for my life. Thank you so much for always being there for me and listen when I need to free my sorrows”.

:: “The friendship between you and me is so special that we will remain joined forever, I love you friend”.Lovely friendship text messages for your cute friends

Short friendship messages & cards

:: “You and I became friends very fast because we have very similar taste and mostly agree in our thinking”.

:: “Between two people of the opposite sex it is possible for a great friendship to grow, I love you friend and to me you are someone very important”.

:: “A person who really likes you does not look at your mistakes, but highlight all your virtues and always brings out the best in you”.

:: “If you share many special moments with someone and you are willing to help each other, congratulations you have a good friend”.Best friend text messages & friendship messages for him and her

Find Messenger friendship messages

:: “I am very happy to have friends and know that we could go to the madhouse together, you are very nice people and so I love to be by your side”.

:: “The difficulties are easier to deal with when we have a friend who extends his hand to help us”.

:: “As far as my friends go I will always feel close to them because in my heart and my thoughts they are always present”.

:: “Fortunately we can’t buy friends, they are achieved spontaneously. Otherwise I would have spent a lot of money to be friends with someone as precious as you”.Friendship messages: what to write in a friendship card

Best thoughts on friendship images

:: “A true friend is someone with whom you can talk and you tell all your stuff without any hesitation because you trust him completely”.

:: “I’d rather have real friends counted on the fingers that a lot of people on my side just for interest”.

:: “The most beautiful experiences are with my friends, those moments make my life and saved forever remain in my heart”.

:: “Many say they are your friends, but only those people who care about you are true friends”.Beautiful friendship text messages to send by messenger

Find short sayings about friendship

:: “Distance may separate us, but thanks to our great friendship we will be united no matter where we are”.

:: “Having a friend like you who understands me very well and gives me the advice I need to hear is something wonderful”.

:: “Lately, we have not seen each other very often, but our friendship remains the same as ever”.

:: “I want you to always have in mind that you can count with me for anything and at any time, you are like a brother to me and I will always be there for whatever you need”.

We want these phrases of friendship have been to your liking, surprise your friends with an instant message to remind them how important it is in your life.Download true friends WhatsApp messages & images

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