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Every day arrive to this world thousands of people and in the same way thousands leaves day by day. Because death is also part of life and is something with we must to live during our existence.
The decease of a loved one or a closer friend will be an event that will touch us in the deepest of our hearts. Will be inevitable to feel sad and spill a lot of tears for the passing away of that special person.

During the funeral and the burial is common that someone take the word to say a little dedication and honor the deceased. If you want to pronounce a dedication, you can use any of we bring next, you will feel much better and you will give some comfort to the family of the deceased.

Free list of funeral phrases:

:: “We are here all reunited to give the last goodbye to a very important person for all of us who has left from this world and now he is in heaven, enjoying the eternal rest. I know that his absence will be very hard to get over because he left a deep track on our lives and a great hole that will never be filled. However we can have the comfort of remember him with this great joy that always characterized him and the knowing of he is in the glory of God calm us”.
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:: “We missed a wonderful and unique person, my mother is not existing in this world anymore and now she is in the glory of God. All of us, family and closer people to her had the chance to know her and realize that she was a wonderful woman, always decided to go forward and left us important lessons for our lives. She left this world in peace and tranquility and I want to express that I will be very grateful for all her love, for all her cares and for preparing me for the life. We will never forget you mom”.
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:: “From the start, I want to express my gratitude to all the people who are here reunited accompanying us in these hard times that we are passing through because of the decease of (name of the deceased) who has passed away from this world. is hard to accept the departure of a loved one, is something so unexpected that leaves us in a profound sadness. But we can be sure that God keeps him in his glory and he has rested from all the issues of the world. We will always remember him for being a great person, for the important legacy that he has given to us and for all those wonderful memories that we will always remember. He will be forever alive in our hearts”.
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:: “Dear family and friends, today we reunite to say goodbye to our dear (name of the deceased) who has companied us in live and gave the best of her to all of us. Many of us, family and people who gained her friendship will remember her forever because of this good mood that always characterized her, for all of her good effort and for fill our lives with this happiness that she only had. Today we say goodbye to her and we say her see you soon because one day we will reencounter again in the presence of God”.
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:: “First, I want to express my deepest condolences to all the family and friends of (name of the deceased) who has passed away from this world and now is in the glory of God. His departure leaves us in a deeply pain and sadness. However each time that we think about him, comes to our mind beautiful and happy memories of the moment that we lived at his side, all those lessons of life that he taught to us and of course this good mood that he always had. Now from heaven I know that he will care about of his loved ones and he will be happy at seeing the family united as he always wanted”.
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These dedications will bring comfort to the hearts of the assistants of the burial.

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