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In the working world the ideal situation is that we can work on what we like to do the most since we would be combining any aspects: we would be receiving compensation, we would be enhancing and improving our skills and at the same time we would be enjoying performing said work.

One of the keys to get a specific and well paid job is experience, which is acquired over time. Additionally, to achieve success in the work environment we should have fixed goals established since the moment we start working.

Setting goals is the key, especially for those who are beginning their work history or seeking a new job, so transcribing them into the resume will be an additional tool that will let the employer know what the applicant is seeking to obtain from the company, which will also allow to know a little more about the personality of that person.

In this article we offer you a list of personal career goals you can adapt and attach to your case and put on your resume.

Personal Goals labor for professionals:

:: “Use the knowledge I acquired in the field of engineering to gain experience through observation and analysis of the various procedures performed in the company by being a part of a work team”.
:: “With the work experience I have, I intend to keep improving to overcome my performance in my previous job. Highlight with my performance in my duties to the company providing the company with innovative solutions that contribute to improve the productivity”.
:: “Innovate in the field of education so that children can develop their full potential through experience and self learning and by getting parents involved in the responsibility for the complete development of their children, especially through teaching materials and the use of technological tools”.
:: “Getting deeply involved in the field of public health in order to develop tools that allow us to reach a high level of confidence and communication between doctors and patients, thus improving the accuracy of diagnoses and treatments to follow. To create awareness among patients that health depends primarily on themselves through healthy habits”.
:: “Perform a serious and responsible journalism task, effective in informing the general public for them to form an opinion of their own that will help them recognize their social responsibility and to engage in activities that change for good their closest social environment”.

Personal Goals for technical work:

:: “To apply my knowledge and experience developed in practice to acquire actual experience in the field of industrial maintenance of the company by being part of a work group in which I shall pit all my effort to achieve common goals in the field of verification, maintenance and repair”.
:: “To use my knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of networks in companies related to all industries in order to provide the customers the best customer service, technical support and solutions to any challenges that may arise”.
:: “To operate the heavy machinery of the company in the field of construction in order to achieve the best results and thus become a confident operator for the tasks required by the company”.

Do not forget about the importance of establishing personal goals and the benefits it may bring for you. Add them to your resume and have an advantage over other applicants. Your goals say a lot about you, say you want in life.

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