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When a person we esteem dies much a great sadness invades us because he will be greatly missed and we will always remember him. The pain is less every day, but when we commemorate one year of the death of that person, we got again seized by those sad feelings.

It is usually used to hold a meeting to remind that special friend. In this article we have compiled a list of phrases after a year of the death of a partner. You can choose any of these messages during the meeting and share it in memory of that special someone who is no longer in this world.

Free list of friend’s death messages:

– “Dear fellow, I’ll always remember with great joy and although we feel a sense of great sadness set in our hearts because we know that you are resting in peace and that since we’re up there looking at each of us. “
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– “Your body is no longer with us, but your soul will always live and although we can not see that you’re here today. We thank you very much for everything you did for us. “
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– “Today marks one year since your death, so far sometimes I find it hard to believe that you are gone so soon. May God have you in his hand and always be a guide to all your loved ones. “
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– “I miss you and how not to do it if I lived next to you the happiest moments of my life. You were always with me and showed me that you’re a great person. Although you’re not here but your memory will always be with us. “
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– “All your loved ones miss you so much. We thank God for having met you and now you’re in heaven we tell you that we will never stop loving you because you were a very special person to us. “
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– “I am very pleased to have been your friend, I really learned many valuable lessons from you. You left me good memories that will remain forever in my memory. God have you in his side dear fellow. “
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– “Your death made us feel a great pain because you were a unique and special person, so we have no doubt that you are in heaven resting in peace. We love you and will never forget. “
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– “A year ago you left us to go to heaven; our hearts are filled with great sadness since that day because you were someone very important to us. We can only thank God for having had the fortune to meet you. “
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– “My dear fellow, it seems like yesterday when I got the sad news of your death. It may take a thousand years and I’ll never forget that your friendship marked my life forever. “
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– “If God brought you to his side was for rest of the ailments afflicting your body. I’m going to always remember fondly because more than a friend to me you were like a brother. “
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We hope that these phrases after one year of death of a friend have been to your liking and help you to express your feelings for his departure.

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