Last modified 10/05/2023

how to find a driver for my computer, ways to find a driver for my computer, method to find a driver for my computer, free method to find a driver for my computerHow to find a driver for my computer?

If you are looking for a driver for your computer, the first thing you will needs to do, is installing the necessary updates to replace the outdated drivers you might have.

Updating a driver is a bit complicated because, sometimes, it takes a long time, especially when the search is performed for certain drivers which have a long period of market launch. Drivers must be updated monthly to cope with the disruptions that the programs installed on the computer might have, this is the case of the music player, which starts to show faults if there is no a right driver and its update.

Similarly, the screen begins to show changes in quality when you open a game or any application that uses the video card.

Fortunately, there is a great solution for this type of problem, you simply have to download the Scanner Driver, which will save much time since this program scans your computer to find all the driver versions you have installed, it also scans the hardware and system software to recommend a better driver than the current ones your computer might have.

The best thing about this program is that it automatically downloads updates of all the drivers required. You can directly enter the following link to download it:

There is another program like Driver Scanner, which has the same features and allows the user to save time when needing to find new drivers for the computer, it is called Driver Detective.

This program, just like the one mentioned above, gives us updates for all the drivers installed in the computer, as well as new drivers that are recommendable for our computer. It should be mentioned that the updates are downloaded and installed automatically in the operating system. Driver Detective has a large database, which covers approximately four million drivers of different types, which are also updated frequently to give the user the next drivers’ generation.

It can be downloaded by accessing the following link:

The program called Driver Max is also recommended, because it is also very helpful when formatting the computer, since this program retrieves the drivers that have been erased from the computer, it also avoids any compatibility issues when installing another operating system. Driver Max instantly performs the search to download and install the new drivers in your computer.

Its operation is simple and reliable since, just like the two programs mentioned above, it examines the record of the computer for older drivers that are hidden on your computer; and then this procedure will display a window with all drivers’ suggestions and give us the option to install new drivers or reinstall drivers found in the system.

To proceed with installation simply choose the “Export Drivers” option, which automatically installs all necessary drivers for you computer. In case it is necessary for you to reinstall the drivers, you only need to choose the option where it says: “Import Driver”. and it will automatically proceed to their respective resettlement. The program is available at the following link:


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