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The slowness problem is very common when accessing programs, it turn out to be pretty annoying having to wait for longer than you considered to and this is even more complicated when it is an urgent work. Luckily, there are several ways of solving this inconvenient like, for example: the acquisition of additional ram memory, the suppression of some services and the configuration of the paging process.

At the time, works require much ram memory or if it is desired to execute several programs in simultaneous. The excessive use of the ram memory, causes the Windows Kernel to work extra for receiving and sending several hard drive’s paging files, which is why every time the answer speed is smaller than the sent one, so the programs take longer to run when they are instructed to.

Having more RAM memory will make the process explained before to go unnoticed, a result that will make processes to be directly run, due to the fact that the memory addresses are temporally loaded in the RAM memory, in this way it’s access way is much faster.

Nowadays, it is recommended to have, at least, a memory slot occupied by a 2 GB RAM memory, because many programs such as AutoCAD require having this amount to be able to run normally and avoid the problems and uncomfortable situations mentioned above. The Windows Vista operative system also requires 2 GB of RAM memory for its functioning level to be optimum; many people had a bad experience using this version of Windows, because it was meant to be better than its predecessor, XP.

The actual reason for which Windows Vista requires more memory is due to the high design of its graphic interface (details, desktop and window animations, etc.) and many people who have installed it counting with only 1 GB of RAM memory, saw many problems with it and they rather switch to Windows XP.

Another process to avoid leaving you home and acquire a new device, is doing it rapidly by setting the Windows paging process system; in order to be able to do this, you will have to enter into the system records. In the Start Menu, Run, Regedit, / HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control / Session manager / Memory Management and click the last option, you will be able to see a list of several tools in which the item “DisablePagingExecutive”. will appear, click there and modify the number 0, which is predetermined, for a number 1. In case the change has already been made, there is nothing left to do, simply click “Accept”. and you are done.

Another way to speed up processes without leaving your house, is by deactivating all the services that you do not use, because they delay the time needed to load a session and they keep running during the whole time the computer is on. In order to be able to change this, you have to go to the Start menu, Control Panel, Management Tools (formerly Performance and Maintenance) and Services.

You will find a long list in which you will be able to modify them by right – clicking where it says Properties, there you will be able to deactivate or initiate them; you can also opt for giving it instructions to be manually or automatically run, if you choose the second option, the service will run as soon as the session starts. It is recommended not to deactivate those services which are barely used, by leaving them in manual start.

But you can always deactivate some unnecessary services, such as technical support service, error report themes, performance alert record, security center, remote register, remote desktop, encode service, event record or the Enghien office source.

The steps mentioned above were usually for Windows XP, but there are no many differences between the access mode for that operative system and Windows Vista. It is important to mention that there are many more services that could be deactivated, such as the index service, the optional components for tablePC, remote differential compression, Windows Fax, Windows DFS replication or Windows Meeting Space. You can find many methods to turn off your computer faster or deactivate some additional services, through the internet.

In conclusion, deactivating the services mentioned above will make some difference, will also speed up the access to programs and will clearly improve the system’s general performance level.


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