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Italy has become one of the main destinations for professional migrants, both technicians and workers, as it is a country that offers many advantages in labor and is having the entire benefits in wage and also offers a payment considered by worked hours.

The Italian government provides various areas for foreign personnel who meet the internal demands of businesses and industries. All migrant who wants to labor in this country have to comply with all the requirements as requested in order to obtain a work visa.

Here we will tell you in more detail what requirements you must meet to work in Italy, which jobs are most needed and where cities are these concentrated.

Requirements to work in Italy

The following is a list of several requirements that you must meet in order to perform work in Italy.
:: “Having the EU passport or also with a work visa.
:: “Have an advanced level of Italian language proficiency.
:: “Serving on a position required by the government.
:: “Have work experience of at least 3 years.
:: “Do not have any history with the law.
:: “Possess an employment contract with an Italian company.

There are some professions that need to be validated before it can be exercised.

All types of work experience must be justified by the relevant documentation.
If you manage another language apart from Italian and an advanced level of English, the chances of being hired increase.


Referring to working personnel, the sector that which requires more of them is the construction industries. Foreigners are required to construct buildings and to operate machinery in industries such as the textile, automotive, packaging of various products etc.

If the migrant has technical education, he can find a source of jobs in the automotive sector which requires technicians in mechanics and electricity. Also he can find good choices as a technician working appliances, maintenance technicians and technicians in welding.
Special mention is nursing techniques as they represent the largest source of employment for immigrant women with technical studies.

Nurses are required to work in hospitals and clinics and in nursing homes and to care for elderly in their homes. In order to practice as a nurse in this country should have culminated studies and experience of at least six months. If any team has specialization can increase the chances of getting a job, the most required are geriatrics and elderly care.

For people with professional major studies the sources of job open are in the management and sale of products and services. These sectors require degreed professionals in management, industrial engineering, systems engineering and marketing

Within the European Union the environmental regulations are more demanding and for this reason all industries must meet certain environmental standards, which is why environmental engineers are required.


The industries are mainly concentrated in the Italian cities of Rome, Naples, Milan and Turin with other cities such as Venice and Florence are the famous tourist destinations in this nation.

If you want to start your job search in Italy you can use the following job boards:

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