Good Letter For A 15 Years Old Girl

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Meet 15 years is one of the most important events for every lady around the world. From that day began to change many things in their lives since childhood stage will stay aside and open the way to new experiences that will make her to see the world.

If you have any cousin, sister or friend who is about to turn 15 springs and you want to wish her all the best in this important date, then you are in the right place. In this article we present two examples of messages to a fifteen year old teenager.

Example 1 of a letter for a 15 years old girl:

From: Damaris
To: Romina

Hi Romina:

I am sending this message because you are a very good companion and this day is very important to you. I have a great affection for you because since we were children we lived very special moments together.

We know each other for a lifetime and our friendship has remained strong during this time. I know what things make you smile, what makes you sad and what makes you feel very happy. In this day you are celebrating 15 springs and I can imagine you must be feeling a thrill.

When we were kids we dreamed of this day, and we always imagined how should it be, expecting it with anxious for it to arrive. 15 years are celebrated only once in life and so I want this to be a very beautiful day for you.

There are many reasons why you should feel lucky, your family will give you great and a lot of love, you have the support of your friends and the nicest part is that today’s long-awaited day arrived.

During the night, you will dance much to celebrate first 15 years of life and you will be surrounded by all those who love you. I will also be there to greet you personally and accompany you on this very special event.

Congratulations on your fifteenth birthday dear friend, I love you.

Example 2 of a letter for a 15 years old girl:

From: Lucero
To: Brenda

Hi Brenda, maybe you should be feeling very surprised as this is the first time that I send a note, but as it’s your birthday I wanted to greet you in a different way.

I love being your friend because we have many tastes in common and we think very similarly. By your side I have so much fun because you are a great friend.

I think it was yesterday when I met you, until then I did not know what was true friendship, however you came in my way and showed me how nice it is this feeling.

The years have passed very quickly and we are now celebrating 15 years. You have always lived very excited about this day and it is very nice to it finally has arrived.

People who appreciate you are also very happy because we will enjoy with you an unforgettable day. From this moment you will enjoy very beautiful experiences that will enrich your life and left behind a childhood stage.

I hope you have a great day and always keep being so happy and cheerful for it. May all your dreams come true and you always have great success in your life, congratulations for your birthday.

Dedicate one of these examples of special messages for a fifteenth teenager to your friend who is about to celebrate her 15 springs.

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