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The most special day for a new graduate is the day of graduation because since this day he ends his college days and began his professional time putting all the knowledge learned into practice.

That’s the reason why the graduated want to be congratulated be surrounded by all their loved ones. Since he feels he needs to really celebrate it with people who recognize the effort putted through all these years in his career.

If you find yourself unsure of how to show how proud and happy you are for these graduated friend or relative, we leave you a sample letter to help you express your most sincere feelings for that person and also give you advice on their future professional life.

Lines below you will find a letter that you can use to create your own.

Free letter sample for a graduate:

Congratulations Graduate!

I’m sure a lot of joy overflows your heart because it finally came the day you were always expecting. I witness everything that you gave to end your career and I want to tell you I admire that.

I was present when you had to work more to pay your monthly fee, and although you lacked the time to do the work and study for exams you got always victorious with your high grades. Although you went through many things throughout the years, never threw in the towel, on the contrary you put more adamant and wanted to finish college and it’s amazing, now you’re graduating.

No doubt that there are very few people like you that despite the difficulties still fighting for their dreams. I’m sure you’re very good at what you decide to study why many job opportunities will come to you. You will see you are going to reach many successes.

Your life now starts from a different perspective but you have nothing to fear. There will be circumstances you do not know how to act but it will happen and make you learn. Do not be intimidated by that, you go ahead and be sure of everything you have learned and where you want to reach.

Remember that you will just begin to know the meaning of life. Come many difficulties which need to know to win, and do not forget that there are people with bad feelings are there to discourage you. Just let them know you will fight for what you offer no matter who likes it.

Do not settle for what you learned; always stay ahead by learning everything you can.

Keep present that we are very proud of you and we are excited to see you as a graduate. Never lose that urge to get ahead, you will see that if you keep this up you will have a great future.

We expect this letter will help you to create your own message to dedicate to the person that with much effort has achieved to end up his college phase.

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