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Ending a relationship is not easy to deal with. If your boyfriend was the one who decided to end the relationship, you will feel very bad and remember all the beautiful moments that you lived by his side. Every time you will question yourself about what you did wrong for him to want to put an end to the engagement.

But if you were the one who ended the relationship, you will feel some relief, but that does not mean you will not feel pain and sadness because you had many dreams that unfortunately you saw frustrated.

It is a complicated situation and the worst thing you could do in that case is to get away from it all and be alone, because you might get depressed and that will only make things worse.

Regardless of the reasons why he cut you ended the relationship, you have to assume it is a thing of the past and you must overcome it as life continues. Plus you have to think it is nothing really good to follow someone you do not want, also you have to think about the positive side of what has happened.

Do not think you are an insignificant girl, the fact that your engagement has ended is no reason to doubt the value you have as a human being. Keep in mind that at some point the perfect guy will come for you.

DO not boost the positive side of your relationship or try to minimize the problems that existed between you. You have to think realistically and recognize what caused the deterioration of the courtship and try to save what you learned from that. Search the support of all your loved ones to make it easier to cope with this time.

Do things that will help you clear your mind and prevent being concentrated on the breakup, for example you can go out and have fun with friends, dedicate more time to your studies, play sports, go on a trip, among other things.

Since you have already begun a different stage, make some changes in your routine. Do not neglect your appearance and avoid staying locked up in your room. Make yourself a haircut, although it seems banal, it can be of great help.

Do not waste time reviewing the photos in which you appear with him. We also recommend that you do not see the guy who was your boyfriend. Sometimes you will feel like going to talk with him or send him messages, but better avoid it if you know that the relationship cannot be helped.

Nowadays it is easy to be aware of what the others through social networks. Do not go into his wall and see things that he posts. It is not easy to resist, but you can do it, and it will do much good.

Do not start a relationship abruptly only with the intention of wanting to forget him. That will make you feel worse and can it could cause further injury to your heart. It is best to let your heart heal itself over time. Stay quiet, time heals everything and when you are ready, you can start another relationship.

Given what has happened to you, you should get to think about all the friends you made aside to spend time with your ex. Sometimes we make the mistake of starting a relationship and completely neglect the people who we want more, but when that dating is over, a great feeling of loneliness invades us by being distanced from family or friends.

There is no need to turn away from your loved ones when you are with a guy, remember that they love you and they will give you their support in good times and in bad times. When you start another romance, keep in mind this recommendation.

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