How To Conquer A Leo

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We all know that the zodiacal signs reveal the personality of the people; it’s good to know how people act in order to know how to to proceed with each of them, but best of all is that we could conquer the boy of our dreams by being aware of his zodiac sign.

If you are interested in a Leo, then you are in the right place because here you will find what you have to do to conquer him, how you should behave, what he likes about girls, or how he behaves when he is in love, remember to do everything we tell you here and your conquest will be effective.

Dominant character

Leo’s men have a strong character, which makes them want to feel that they are dominating the relationship. They like to feel that they are very interesting people; this means that they want to be conquered. Men of Leo have strong feelings; they are very intense in love and direct and may do many things for you.

But if they are unhappy because you did something wrong to them, they would not think twice and quickly would take you out of their hearts.

Cause a good impression

Despite of having a strong character, A Leo likes the little things you can do for him, like giving him a small gift, which could be a CD of music of his favorite band or singer, his favorite book, you also would prepare his favorite dish or perhaps you may buy the chocolate that he likes the most. The idea is to give him something that leaves clear that you know all about him.

Be optimistic

The most important thing for a Leo is his battle to meet his goals, so for him it is very important an optimistic woman who would support him in all his decisions. Put interest to all his projects and show him that you are the perfect girl to face everything with him.

Be Smart

A Leo likes to feel that he is being listened very carefully, so always keep a good attitude and pay attention to everything he tells you. Then you can give him an opinion about what he is saying. If you do not know much about the topic , do not talk to much, but if you know about it ,share with him all you know , express it in an interesting way.

If there is any topic which makes you get bored, try to change it subtly, perhaps he likes it very much and he would not appreciate that you cut the conversation about that topic.

Be Spontaneous

A Leo does not like introverted women, quite the opposite, he likes women who act with nature and that say what they want. He does not like having to take the first step all the time; he also wants his girl to lead the situation from time to time, for example by proposing the place to go. He also likes girls that ask him to dance or that are very direct.


If you decide to take another step in your relationship and have intimate moments, you will see that a Leo is very passionate and he likes his couple to enjoy these moments. So, do not doubt that you would have a very exciting time with him .


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