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my friend wants to have an affair with mu boyfriend, my friend is having an affair with my boyfriendWays to tell your friend to keep distance from your boyfriend

It is nice when we like a guy, and it is even nicer when he tells you he wants a relationship and asks you to be his girlfriend. The first thing you do is to go and tell your friends the good news and that you are very happy about what happened.

Now, imagine that in your group of friends there is a girl, who claims to be your friend, but she is not sincere and although you are very excited about your new boyfriend she wants your boyfriend for her. At first, you would not want to believe that is happening because you think it is impossible that a friend who loves you would do that but, after many signs, you must accept it and do something about it.

To begin you must be clear that is not a real friendship, and if you want to maintain your relationship with your boyfriend, you should find the way to make her go away permanently from him. Here are some options for you for solving the problem.


If you already are in the situation in which you realize that your friend looks for ways to meet your boyfriend, talks to him with no reason like calling his mobile then, there is time for you to do something.

So for examples, when you meet with your friends and she is there, you would mention that you look like bad friends the ones who want to conquer the boyfriend of another friend, you could use an example like the one below: “I have a friend named Carla, and she had a boyfriend who was very handsome and they had a relationship of a few months, but it happened something very ugly because she realized that one of her friends wanted to have affair with her boyfriend, she was very sad but obviously , she ended the friendship with this girl, and all the other friends did so. I agree with that because a real friend does not do it”


If you are a direct woman, then this form of making your friend keep distance from your boyfriend is accurate for you, you would want to use it.

Start by analyzing every move of your false friend, and at that precise moment when your friend is trying to talk to him or trying to call his attention face her, and, as she is not ready for your appearance at that time , she will feel very nervous because you discovered her.

Then ask what they do there, what she wants with your boyfriend, or if she has any problem and what she is looking for. You will see that she will not want to look him again, and if despite of everything she does it again, consider the option that follows.

On the internet

Nowadays, it is normal to say things through social networks, we are in a world in which Facebook or Twitter are part of our lives. That is why you have the option to ask your friend to stay away from your boyfriend through these networks.

Make her see that what she is doing is not cool, and that friends do not do such that thing, you could also write that you are very disappointed , that you had never imagined that something could be done by a friend. If despite all of that she continues doing the same thing, then write on your wall how you feel about her and her attitudes, perhaps public embarrassment changes her.


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