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preventing baldness, tips to prevent baldness, free tips to prevent baldnessPreventing hair loss even if it is hereditary

Baldness is a disorder that has its origins linked to DNA and which most often affects men more than women. Hair loss is something that many men are genetically prone and that we don’t want, generating us concern. The average age when this problem begins is 32 years old; however in some cases it may start earlier.

The reasons as stated above are primarily genetic or hereditary, but also due to the use of drugs, inadequate clothing and accessories and stress. Hair loss affects the self-esteem of many men, because despite of being young it makes them feel that they are getting old.

Very well known persons as the English footballer Wayne Rooney has decided to implant him hair to feel better about his image, and like him many men like around the world put their problem in the hands of professionals.

This article will tell you what to do to stop hair loss even though the cause is genetic. You will know how to reduce the effects of baldness and get your hair healthier for long time.

Products for personal hygiene

Before worrying about the fall focus on prevention. Many best known shampoos in the market are made based on petroleum and other chemicals that can be harmful in the long term. Buy shampoos and hair products that are natural.

Do not let the shampoo much time in your head; the function of this product is to clean not to scent your head. Avoid using conditioners to avoid using more chemicals on your hair. Also avoid dry your hair rubbing it with a towel. Let it breathe after bath.

Clothing and Accessories

Use clothing and accessories such as hats, scarves or similar is also harmful to men who tend to be genetically baldness. When you use these clothes all day, do not allow proper oxygenation of the hair.

The situation is exacerbated when using hats or clothes in the head while practicing a sport, since the temperature of the head and therefore the temperature of the hair rises above the normal average, limiting natural capillary regeneration.

We recommend that you do not use hats or scarves for more than six hours. Furthermore, keeping it clean will prevent other problems like dandruff and fat accumulation, which may also cause hair loss.

Sports and food

Following an exercise routine to keep you physically fit and feeding properly will help slow the effects of hereditary baldness. Exercise is always a good de-stressing, releases tension and negative thoughts, which is part of the chain of causes of hair loss.

Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are also triggers or causes of this problem. It is always important to avoid eating packaged food or pre-industrialized, opt for natural foods like fruit and fish which mostly containing vitamins, proteins and other important nutrients for recovery, reconstruction and maintenance of hair.


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