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The first stage of any relationship is the most beautiful one because everything is spectacular, but as time goes by, difficulties start appearing every day. Complications and discussions are more frequent with time and if we do not act with wisdom and try to solve them, they may damage our love or perhaps hurt the love of each partner.

In case your love relationship has been through a bad time and you have decided to turn the page and end it all, yet you are still not sure because you still feel love for her or him and want to get a last chance, it is time to write a letter explaining what your heart feels and that you do not want it to be over just like that, you will see that the other person will think about everything you have lived together and maybe will give you a second chance, so make sure you write the letter.

Free I’m sorry letter example for my girlfriend:

Hello my love,

I am very sad for what is happening with us. The way you treat me hurts me, you do not even want to hug me or tell me something nice and you are always on the defensive.

I know we have been through very difficult times which both of us have failed to deal with properly, but that does not mean that I no longer love you and this feeling kills me every time I realize that you are trying to forget me and you do not even have the minimum desire to caress me.

I am very sorry for everything I did at the beginning, the words I said and so I ask you to forgive me. Rest assured that I am willing to forgive what you told me about no longer wanting to be with me and that you are no longer interested in me, because I know that is not true. I am sure that you feel the same as me every time I meet your gaze.

What happened to us? I do not know how it happened, at the beginning you loved above all things and suddenly you pulled away from me. I am sure I still want to share my life with you and that my love for you is still intact, I would love for you to want to do the same. Please we have to try again.

I know that we can go back to being as happy as before. Let us forget what happened and walk together hand in hand. I swear I will be a better person for you and that I will love you forever. Give me one last chance my love.

Every time I imagine my life without you, all the history we have together comes to my mind and it hurts my soul so much because there are things that I know I will not live with anyone again, let us get back together, ok?

I want you to answer me honestly, if you no longer want a life with me I promise I will not say anything else to you. Think about it, my love, you know I love you.

There are cases in which the relationship does not give for more, but sometimes we can give it one more chance, as long as there is no psychological or physical violence.

Hopefully your partner will give you the opportunity to get back together. Best of luck.

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