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To men we like to receive samples of affection from our girlfriend. On this day you can tell your boyfriend how much you love him and surprise him. It is not necessary to be an important date to remind your boyfriend that he is the reason for your happiness day.

If you want to spend some nice words to your love, do not wait. In this article we present a list of nice SMS you can dedicate to the love of your life, he will love to receive one of these romantic text messages.

Most romantic things to text a girl

:: “You’re the guy who I was always looking for that’s why when I met you I fell in love right away, I will never stop loving you because I want to be by your side forever”.
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:: “The girlfriends you had are a thing of the past, now I am the only owner of your heart and for that reason I am very happy, my feelings for you will never change”.
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:: “I am a very romantic, affectionate and loyal girl, I’m the kind of girl that every man would like, but only you are the owner of my heart”.
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:: “You always show me your love me and make me feel very special, I love it when you surprise me with your cute details of love”.
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:: “There are many guys trying to win me over, but I’m only interested in you because they love you and you are the guy who has won my heart”.
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:: “Getting your love was not easy, but now that I have you and I will make you feel the happiest man because I love you with all my heart”.
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:: “I loved you for your tender look and I fell for you because of the way you are, nothing matters more than you feel happy because I live to love”.
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:: “You came into my life when I thought that love did not exist, but we took a chance and fortunately you have never disappointed me, I thank you for treating me like a princess”.
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:: “Without being your girlfriend I had already kissed you in my imagination, you don’t have any idea of how I was expecting you to declare your love because I love you from the first time I saw you”.
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:: “We don’t know what can happen to us in the future, but what we do know is that we love and our love will last forever”.
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:: “Every drop of water in the sea is an “I love you”., you’re the guy woke in my heart the most beautiful emotions”.
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:: “My pillow knows that every night I could not sleep for thinking about you, I am the happiest woman for having all your love”.
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:: “When I want to show my love there is no word enough to describe it, we were born to love so I want to be with you for the rest of my life”.
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:: “I can never tell you how much I love you because what I feel for you is infinite, you are the love of my life and that will never change”.
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We hope that these nice SMS for your boyfriend have been to your liking. Your boy will love that you spend some of these.

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