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Currently writing a presentation letter becomes a useful resource in the recruitment process as well as it can give you a considerable advantage over applicants who do not submit it. In this letter you will give a small preview of what the recruiter expects to find in your curriculum, and may know a little about your personality and wills to develop through that job.

In this case we will discuss a letter that will be directed to the director of a hotel to apply for any of the available positions. Do not forget that you must modify the card according to the position to which you are applying, emphasizing the qualities and experiences that you have to do with the office. Do not forget that it is important to note that you are very motivated and interested in obtaining employment.

You will earn extra points if you find out the name of the director, so you can send your letter directly to him or to the person responsible for making the selection. Do not forget to sign by your own hand and avoid delivering the copies of the letter.

It is worth to say that you must be very careful when you write your letter and check the spelling to avoid passing a mistake. Your letter should be short, simple and easy to understand, be respectful and do not use excessive ornaments on it.

Here we bring you two letters to get an employment in a hotel.

Example 1 of a job application letter for a hotel:

Ottawa, September 20th, 2013

Johana Campos Esquerra
Hotel Decameron
560 Avenue of the stars

Dear Ms. Campos:

Receive my warmest greetings. Through this I attach the job appliance that your hotel is offering to fill the position of Receptionist.

I have five years of experience working as a receptionist in the main chains of hotels in the country and I have the skills and knowledge necessary to fully develop in Office requirements. One of my greatest qualities is good dealing with customers, I consider myself an honest person with high sense of responsibility.

I am bilingual secretarial studies at the Institute of Hospitality Gran Colombiano and have also attended to numerous seminars in the field of hospitality and tourism.

I would like to have the opportunity to work for a hotel of the caliber of Hotel Decameron. It will be an important step in my career. Attached to this card I send you my resume for its respective evaluation.

Thank you very much for your attention,


Juana Estela Encarnación

Example 2 of a job application letter for a hotel:

Arequipa, October 20th, 2013

Pedro Perez
Managing Director

Dear Mr. Perez:

It is my pleasure to greet you and tell you that I’m interested in the selection process for Bar tender, which was published by your hotel in the newspaper “The Nation” on October 18th.

I studied at the Institute of Hospitality and Tourism of Santa Maria University and got the title of professional Bar tender. In addition I have three years of experience in several of the best known hotels in the city.

I am known for being a responsible employee who loves his work and having social skills to provide good treatment to all customers. I would love to work for a prestigious hotel as it is WEST HOTEL.

I attach my resume, so it can be taken into account.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,

Carlos de las Casas

When writing your letter of application do not forget to keep the order that we presented in the previous examples. Surely if you follow these instructions you will have great chances of being hired. Do not forget to be friendly and attentive.

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