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Before the Arab good times reported some time ago, it was developing a phenomenon that put this part of the world in the eyes of everyone. Dubai, city of the United Arab Emirates was becoming a focus for high-level international business and luxury travel and a place to be amazed by the rapid industrial development. It is precisely because the latter that it exists high demand for engineers. In this article you’ll learn more about the job market for engineers in Dubai.

Mainly by low operating costs, Dubai is an attractive center for the construction industry and obviously for related professionals, especially engineers. The city projects a high population growth and infrastructure, making it attractive to many investors and a work refuge for many people related to Engineering. Moreover knowing that hired foreign staff pays no income tax on their earnings.

It is important to know what the most popular professions in this growing city are:

– Mechanical Engineering: specializing in biomedical, automotive and shipbuilding.
– Electrical Engineering: specialists in communications, computing, electronics and software development.
– Chemical Engineering: specialists in the areas: agriculture, environmental protection and food industries.
– Petroleum Engineering: specialists in gas, Geomatics and Metallurgy.

As for salaries, firms offer high wages as an incentive, as well as other economic benefits, which are paid monthly through the UAE currency, the dirham. If you want to know the exchange rates for any currency visit the following link:

Obviously, the salary is proposed from the employee experience, employment history, level of expertise and production sector to which is dedicated the respective company.

In recent years, Dubai has been conducting a project called Dubai Silicon Oasis (AOSD). This project seeks to establish a technology center for design and innovation in the fields of research and development, design and development of integrated circuits, software design and semiconductor manufacturing.

If you are interested in being part of the labor market in Dubai, and you’re wondering where you might find jobs, we recommend entering the following links:

Go4engeneering Jobs (
Presents a collection of the best job opportunities for engineers in Dubai, allows searches according to the specialty of the Engineer.

Dubai Petrochemicals (
This website lists job opportunities in the hydrocarbon sector specialist, chemistry, etc. It also allows users to save job offers if he is interested in any of them.

To work in Dubai you would need a work visa, which is granted after signing the contract. For obtaining the visa you will require the following:

– Valid passport
– Between 18 and 60
– Certificates of good health (tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis C)
– Legalization of professional title for the nearest Embassy of the UAE.

At this point, you may have noticed that Dubai is a major destination to do business and develop your career to a new level. Many experts believe that Dubai will become a global center currently is already making its mark on many aspects, such as quality of life, luxury and growth projections.

If you have studied engineering, you like challenges and like living in multicultural environments, Dubai is a good choice. Dare invaluable experience and lives in the city of Burj Khalifa, the world’s most impressive skyscrapers.

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