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Economic development and rapid increase of population in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has been demanding more and more professionals in the health sector. Given this, it is possible to say that labor demand for professionals in this place is high. In this article you’ll learn a little more about available jobs for doctors in Dubai.

Currently, there are a lot of medical professionals working in the labor market of Dubai. First, they had to be evaluated by the Ministry of Health, before starting to practice in this country. Most foreigners are employed in medical clinics that operate on a similar schedule, from 9:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs and 17:00 hrs to 20:30 hrs. Also, Dubai has complete Hospitals that are open all day, as the WASL Hospital, New Dubai Hospital, and Rashid Hospital.

In the health sector, as in all other sectors of this city in constant growth, it is present the luxury that it is almost inherent in the lifestyle of this extravagant city. Do not forget that Dubai is one of the preferred sites for worldwide tourists, so the extravagances are not hard to be found.

It is important to keep an open mind and ready to receive and process information about a different culture, to which will have to adapted, as well as the external environment, such as high temperature summers. However, be amazed with engineering works of high quality, beautiful beaches and a lot of foreigners that makes this place a cosmopolitan city located in the desert.

If you want to find success in Dubai you should know that in the first place, you need a medical license to practice. It is also needed professional experience of several years and with specialized studies or other post graduate studies. An important fact is that the Dubai health centers are equipped with high technology equipment; there are no restrictions for the entire population of this city.

At this point, if you are a medical student or a doctor and you are interested in these jobs, you can start looking for jobs on internet. To do this, visit the following websites. They are arranged with no specific order, are listed only for your information and in these sites you can perform a successful search.

– Jobs in Dubai (visit: Portal full of job offers for doctors. If you want to receive regular e-mail your interesting deals, you can sign.

– Leam4Good                                                                                                                            (Visit:


this link will take you to discover exactly work places for all kinds of medical personnel, from nurses to doctors as ENT, for example.

– Recruit Gulf (Visit: It’s a page where you will find all sorts of job opportunities where there is a section for medical professionals and health care. It has the advantage of receiving your CV and put it in your database.

– Careerjet (Visit: This site offers a wide range of job offers, but goes further. It has a warning system that alerts you when the email has generated a new offer in the area you want.

You can also review other options such as:


If you have professional growth and quality of life vision, you will see growth projections in Dubai is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills and be well paid for doing what you love. If you have no problems with the incessant heat in summer and a multicultural environment, be encouraged to come to Dubai.

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