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Sweet love phrases
to send by Whatsapp

Beautiful love phrases to send by Messenger
Searching for best Whatsapp love phrases ? The crush does not end when you become fiancés, it continues throughout each day, so it is important that you intend to send beautiful romantic dedications for your boyfriend.

Words have great power in other people, they are the vehicle to express your feelings and that is why we bring you cute love messages to share.

Show your boyfriend that he is always present in your mind and in your heart by dedicating the tender love phrases that you will immediately find.

Best WhatsApp love phrases
for Girlfriend

:: “You stole my heart, but I will not make any effort to recover it, moreover, I will let you stay with it for all eternity”.

:: “I don’t know what you did with me, but every day I am more in love with you; You completely bewitched me with your beautiful look”.

:: “My world was full of sadness and darkness, but you came, like the sun at dawn, to fill it with light, color, magic and happiness”.

:: “The first thing I will do when I see you will be to give you a big hug and then, with a kiss, tell you how much I love you”.

:: “I could never forget you, first because I will not let you go and secondly because you have left a deep mark on my heart that will never be erased”.
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Love phrases that melt hearts

:: “There is a star in the sky, among thousands, that catches my attention every night; there is a man in this world, among millions, who melts me of love and that is you”.

:: “I do nothing but sigh when I think of you and dream of a world where I can be with you for the rest of my life”.

:: “A great distance separates us that prevents us from holding hands, but not from loving each other with all the forces of our hearts”.

:: “With a hug you are able to calm the sorrows of my heart, with a look you manage to fill it with the purest and most sincere love”.

:: “Holding hands with you I walk a beautiful path that will lead us to happiness, it is the path of our love”.
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Best ‘I love you’ love phrases
for Him & Her

:: “You are hoarding my thoughts throughout the day, but I love to think of you and fall in love more and more”.

:: “I love you so much that just hearing your voice feels like my heart is racing and my mind begins to make fantasies”.

:: “The memory of each moment by your side is a beautiful gift that life has given me and that I keep in my heart as the most valuable”.

:: “Thank you for giving me the most beautiful illusions, for making many of my dreams come true and for bringing the most sincere love to my life”.

:: “For more obstacles that the world wants to put on, I can always overcome them to reach you because our love is the source of my strength”.

:: “You conquer me completely with only one of your looks, you make me happy with only one of your smiles and you transform my world with just a kiss”.

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Pure love phrases &
romantic quotes

One of the most beautiful feelings that there is in this world is love, this motivates us to express fine phrases and make the most beautiful acts.

Dedicate all your affection with sweet love phrases that come out from the bottom of your heart to make your better half very glad and happy.

In this article we show you the most beautiful words of affection. Share these words through social networks that most people use, you can also use it for your smart phone. You will see that your love relationship will be more intense.Best text messages to make her fall in love with you

Heart touching love quotes for Her

:: “Saying I love you is not enough to express all that I feel for you when you are next to me, saying I love you is not enough to satisfy my soul”.

:: “Everything seems more beautiful and your eyes look at me and my heart beats very hard because I keep thinking about you, I thank you for being a part of my life and being able to share this beautiful feeling that is love with you”.

:: “It is a part of the most special time of my life because you are everything to me, you are the reason that every day I am a happier person”.

:: “I do not care that everyone does not like us to be together, all that matters is that you are beside me and that we are happy forever”.

Deep love phrases
to express how you really feel

:: “You are my great love and you always will be, have no doubt that my heart and my soul are yours and yours alone”.

:: “From the first time we met, love entered my life and I know that it will last forever”.

:: “Maybe the moon is far away from me, but your beauty makes me very happy because you are with me”.

:: “If I loving you so much was a sin, I would be happy to be the worst sinner and I would not care what my punishment would be”.

:: “The days are special when you stand beside me and tell me nice things, there is no other like you I love you so much”.
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Sweet and touching love phrases
for Girlfriend

:: “As infinite as the universe is love I feel for you, to see you smile is what makes me happiest in life, holding you close and hugging you makes me feel like as if I were in heaven”.

:: “I do not care about your past and I do not care about the future, the only thing that interests me is that the love you have for me is as much as the love I have for you”.

:: “Many people said I was crazy to be together with you, but now everyone has realized that we are meant for each other”.

We know that you will really like these beautiful words of love and that they will also enchant your soul mate.Free download love cards with romantic quotes for Whatsapp
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