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Love is beautiful but sometimes it becomes incomprehensible. Many times you fall in love with someone who does not love you and when you least expect it the one who you least expected declares his love to you.

If someone opens his heart and feelings to you, but you do not feel anything back, you should be honest and that your intentions for him are just friendly. On the next few lines we offer you a series of texts you can use to reject proposals from any man.

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:: “I am very sorry not be on the same page you are, but I am sure we would be great friends”.

:: “My feelings for you are very different from yours; you and I walk in opposite directions”.

:: “I think you are a special guy, but we are not right for each other, I want to find someone very different from you”.

:: “I am flattered to know you are in love with me, but I will not play with your feelings, there is another person in my life”.

Get love rejection phrases

:: “I cannot deny that I like you, but to form a couple you need something more that is called love, which I do not have for you”.

:: “I would rather we stay friends, our friendship could be destroyed over something we do not know whether it will work or not”.

:: “I am going through a complicated time and I cannot think of any relationship right now”.

:: “I respect you very much and that is why I do not want to give you any hope, nothing will ever happen between us”.

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:: “I have noticed you want to woo me and I do not want you to get your hopes up high because whatever happens I will not feel the same as you”.

:: “Chances are that many girls would be happy to be your girlfriend, but I am not in that group, you will not find love in me”.

:: “Please do not come looking for me again, I will not give you my heart, I still have a long way to go until I find the love of my life”.

:: “If I felt at least something for you I would give you a chance, but I will not because you are not the one who fills my soul”.

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:: “You do not deserve to be hurt, you are a nice person, so I will not give you false illusions and then make you suffer”.

:: “We are opposite poles, you are air and I am fire, we will never get to be a couple, go find love elsewhere”.

:: “You have done so much to conquer me, but my heart will not soften with anything, you should change course and not call me anymore”.

When you send these texts to all the guys who want to conquer you, you will make it very clear that you have no intentions with them.

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