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London – England Cheap Flights guide :

England is a country with a history that is still current 1000 years later. Among its cities, London attracts the most tourists in the world, and so it has won the World Travel Awards in the category “World’s Leading Destination”. in the last five years.

The United Kingdom and England´s capital, London was the world’s political center for many centuries, and so it will be again come the 2012 Olympic Games. Together with its historic monuments and the British Crown’s heir prince´s upcoming wedding, they will all turn London into the most important tourist destination again.

It has many appealing tourist sites:

Buckingham Palace, where Queen Elizabeth II lives, is a historic building since 1837. This is where the Queen´s Guard performs the Guard Mounting.
The Royal Albert Hall is a theatre with history. It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871. This is where The Proms festival takes place. It comprises classical music and modern music concerts, and artists like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elton John have all performed here.

London’s National Gallery is an art museum dedicated to painting collections dated between 1250 and 1900, and it contains up to 2,300 paintings.
The Palace of Westminster is where the Parliament of the United Kingdom meets. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists can only access it in summer, when the parliament is in recess.

Westminster Abbey is famous for its towers. It was built in the VII century. It has a cross-shaped design as a reminder of Jesus Christ. In the abbey monarchs have been crowned since 1066 and most English kings have been buried there. St Edward’s Chair or the English Throne can be found here. Some distinguished English people are also buried here: Newton, Handel, Dickens, Kipling, Livingstone, Laurence Olivier, Darqin and Shakespeare.

London’s British Museum is the world´s most important antiques museum. It holds over 7 million objects.
The Tower of London, also known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, was built in 1078 and was later used as a prison and a place for tortures and executions.

Going to London from Europe is rather cheap when you use low-cost airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling, among others). For instance, if you want a one way Madrid-London air ticket on January 10, 2011, a flexible date, the results for each airline would be:

– In Ryanair, the ticket would cost 45.99 euros on 10/01/2011, but if you want your ticket for January 14, 2011, it would cost just 20.99 euros.

– In Easyjet, the price for a ticket for 10/01/11 would be 43.99 euros, and it would be the cheapest (19.99 euros) if you buy it for January 17, 2011.

– Vueling does not have nonstop flights between these cities.
Instead, purchasing the air ticket for the same date at British Airways would cost 158 euros and 183 euros in Iberia.

These are the main low-cost airlines’ web pages:

Travelling from:
– Lima- Peru costs 1252.10 euros in Air Canada.
– Buenos Aires, Argentina costs 1234.39 euros in different operators.
– Rio de Janeiro, Brasil costs 904.49 euros in British Midland.

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