Last modified 10/09/2023

Sms low-cost text messaging for Latin america :

Currently Claro, Movistar and Nextel are the phone companies with the best instant messaging services. Instant messages can be sent at an extremely low price mobile to mobile. Also, if you want to send instant messages from the company’s official website, there is absolutely nothing to pay.

Nowadays, Claro is the leading company in this kind of service, because of all its special offers on instant messaging. Thus, clients save money which they can later use to make national and international calls. Generally, these offers apply just for Claro to Claro cell phone calls.

However, these offers last from the moment they are activated up to a deadline; once the time limit is reached, all unused instant messages are automatically lost. The average cost for every sent instant message is US$0.03, regardless if it was a national or international message; likewise, the fee for every message is the same in case the receiver belongs to another phone service provider. On the other hand, Claro offers a free instant messaging service to Claro cell phones through its website:

Movistar is not left behind. It also offers instant messaging service at a low price, on a fixed US$0.033 fee, and promotional instant messaging packages which last all day from the moment they are activated. This Spanish company has the same fee for national and international instant messages or to other cell phone service providers. Also, Movistar has a free instant messaging service through its website:

However, this site does not work like Claro´s, because you must be properly registered to send instant messages, and the receiver´s cell phone must be with Movistar.

The third cell phone service provider is Nextel, which has a totally different fee from the other two. The prices for Nextel instant messages are in accordance with the price lists clients agree to when they purchase their phones. The lists can be postpaid or prepaid (US$0.06 and US$0.10), but the fee can get slightly higher depending on the cell phone provider that receives the instant message. Even so, this cell phone service provider has a low fee for text messages.

Also, Nextel’s website ( has a free instant messaging service, but it only works for Nextel phones. With time, Sms messages fees have decreased significantly, due to its higher use and new forms of communication. Instead, a few years ago instant messages had a high fee and there were restrictions for them.

Currently, this is a usual service and it can even be free through any of the cell phone service providers’ web pages.

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