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Best merry Christmas wishes and messages

Here, you will find some original Christmas phrases to share with all the friends and family you appreciate.

The family members who are far from home, are always remembered on Christmas, for that special celebration, we have created beautiful Christmas verses to declaim to your loved ones.

In this article you will find the best Christmas dedications to express to your family an effusive and cordial greeting.

Christmas greeting cards
for Whatsapp and Facebook

– “May this Christmas be full of peace and love. Wishing prosperity for you and your family. Merry Christmas for everyone. “
Category: Facebook Christmas greetings

– “Heartily, receive a special Christmas Eve greeting, hope all your goals reach it remarkably. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas thoughts

– “May Christmas would bring you prosperity and harmony. Receive a big hug and many kisses. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Facebook Christmas greetings

– “May love be the force you need to unite your family. Sharing Christmas with your family could be the best gift received on Jesus birth. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Facebook Christmas greetings

– “I will send you my best feelings and please share them with your whole family. Merry Christmas for everyone”.
Category: Facebook Christmas greetings
Merry Christmas greeting cards for Facebook

Find original Merry Christmas
status for Whatsapp

– “I hope you share Christmas Eve with us, let yourself an opportunity to visit us. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas status for Whatsapp

– “Hopefully all the sacrifice you are making to support your family will be rewarded in this precious Christmas. Many blessings. Merry Christmas“.
Category: Christmas status for Whatsapp

– “We will dedicate this Christmas Eve to the people who are not close, those who have already gone to the Holy Father’s side. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas status for Whatsapp

– “Receive my sincere greetings in this precious Christmas, do not miss the warmth of family and share with joy in this beautiful festivity. Happy Christmas. “
Category: Christmas status for Whatsapp

– “Many congratulations for the Christmas Eve, the angels brighten the night with their songs and melodies. Merry Christmas. “
Category: Christmas status for Whatsapp
Get Merry Christmas quotes for Whatsapp & FB

Merry Christmas wishes and
short Christmas messages

– “Life is so beautiful, those who appreciate you, know that you will always be the most blessed person because of your delightful family. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas wishes & messages

– “Let the night shine with the candles of each child. May they all live a splendid and magical Christmas. Congratulations”.
Category: Christmas wishes & messages

– “My friend, I have not seen you for a long time and I want to send you a Christmas greeting, hoping to see you and desiring your life brings you prosperity. Merry Christmas. “
Category: Christmas wishes & messages

– “I feel happy celebrating Christmas at the grandparents’ house because I know that all the children, brothers, husbands, and other relatives will be together celebrating the arrival of Infant Jesus. Happy Christmas for everyone”.
Category: Christmas wishes & messages

– “Best wishes to everyone in the world, those who their heart is broken due an affliction. God helps without looking at who”. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas wishes & messages

We leave the finest Christmas words to send to your loved ones, likewise you will find beautiful Christmas phrases to dedicate your family and other people of your personal esteem.Wishing you a Merry Christmas darling Whatsapp messages

Christmas family
sayings and quotes

Christmas is one of the most precious celebrations, in this article, we would like you to offer the best Christmas phrases to share with your loved ones.

Here you will find the most beautiful Christmas poems that you can declaim to your loved ones on Christmas Eve.

Moreover, you freely any of these short Christmas SMS to download in order to send your friends who are far away.

Cute things to say to your friend on Christmas

– “I am so happy to contact you through this social media; I send you a fraternal greeting for Christmas. Hope Child Jesus brings prosperity and happiness to your home. Hugs and congratulations. “
Category: Christmas messages

– “Merry Christmas for you and all your family. May everyone make vows of love for Child Jesus, who blesses them with his peace. Hugs for all”.
Category: Christmas messages

– “I would like you to love me every day of my life, I wish we could live together, may the future be our confident. Merry Christmas darling”.
Category: Christmas messages

– “Wherever you are, get this message to wish you a precious Christmas. May God bless you forever. Happy Holydays“.
Category: Christmas messages

– “May the Christmas days bring a lot of love, union and prosperity at home. Have a nice Christmas Eve singed with beautiful Christmas carols. “
Category: Christmas messagesDownload magical Christmas love messages

Find best Merry Christmas
wishes & greetings

– “Receive the best greetings at Christmas, may the dinner be filled with blessings and be accompanied by the people you love. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas greetings & cards

– “Every day I dreamed of Christmas Eve, now we are very close to receiving it, what I most want is to share the Christmas dinner with you to exchange beautiful gifts and pray Jesus for us. Happy and Prospers Christmas. “
Category: Christmas greetings & cards

– “I wish you a Merry Christmas with all my love. I hope next year we would be together”.
Category: Christmas greetings & cards

– “We managed to bring the grandmother from so far, reason to celebrate a beautiful Christmas party with all her descendants. We all love you grandma. Happy Christmas for all. “
Category: Christmas greetings & cards

– “Oh, Santa Claus is coming! with many gifts for children. Merry Christmas for everybody. “
Category: Christmas greetings & cards
Short Merry Christmas wishes to friends and family on Whatsapp

Find best Happy Christmas
wishes for my family

– “I wish you a beautiful Christmas, may God protect you wherever you go, may the Virgin Mary accompany you and May the Child Jesus bless you with his love. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Happy Christmas wishes 

– “Thank God for giving me happiness, for giving my family health and love, thanks for keeping us by your side. Merry Christmas“.
Category: Happy Christmas wishes 

– “Share Christmas with love, happiness and doing your best work day to day. Merry Christmas. “
Category: Happy Christmas wishes 

– “We are going to celebrate Christmas with the homeless people sharing precious time and making things multiply with God help. Happy Christmas for everybody. “
Category: Happy Christmas wishes 

– “Many blessings for your whole family. May Infant Jesus fill their homes with peace and love. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Happy Christmas wishes 

– “May the Christmas spirit fill our souls of happiness in order to help the neediest of the world. Do not forget when you give one time , you receive a hundred times. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Happy Christmas wishes 

We finish this article with the most beautiful Christmas texts to send to all those who make up your family. Also, you can download cute Christmas SMS to share with good friend who are far away.Christmas card messages & wishes

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