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Occasionally, we come to conclusions and ideas that make us take decisions about what will come later, that decision is not always easy, but it is definitely something we should do. When we are in these situations, we tend to seek help from people near and dear, even though many times we already know what we have to do. The best way to solve the problem, is realizing that we are in the possibility of changing and it is our responsibility what comes next.

Unfortunately, there is the possibility of hurting others, but happily they will be able to overcome the situation eventually. When we realize that the discomfort is temporary, it is the moment in which we see things more clearly. Below you will find a series of messages that might help you with your problem. Check them out and choose your favorites to send them.

Example of messages how to end relationship with your boyfriend:

:: “There’s something I have been wanting to share with you for some time now. I think our relationship has changed and that it has no solution, so I prefer we go our separate ways from now on. I am very sorry but I realize that this will be good, let’s stop hurting each other, make an effort to understand and accept my decision”.
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:: “You have been a major element in my growth, you have taught me thousands of lessons that I will cherish forever, including honesty above all, so I think it’s best we end our relationship. I do not feel the same for you and I prefer to leave things as they are”.
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:: “My intention is to be completely honest and open with you, I cannot stay with you anymore. The reasons are many and I am willing to give them to you, all I ask is that you respect them because I will not change my way of thinking, it is something that I’ve already decided and I do not want to give you smoke illusions that will never materialize”.
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:: “I am sick of this, it does not matter how hard I try to make us well, we are at a dead end and unfortunately there is no way back for us. Every time we fought and made up, we ended up the same, I’m not happy; it is not like it used to be. I think it is best to let go of the relationship and each one of us should find their way. I’ll always be grateful for what you gave me”.
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:: “You have no idea of everything you meant for me and because of what I feel for you, is that I realize that our relationship has become very tight and it is best for us to split up, let’s leave things as they are, I do not want to keep suffering”.
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:: “The life we had together taught me everything and what I learned has made me grow, it has made me big and that is why I can see that what we had no longer exists. I think that we helped each other grow up, to rise and grow, but now it’s time to say goodbye and that each one searches by their side what is best for themselves”.
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:: “Today I realized something that will accompany me for the rest of my days: pay attention to the hunches you might have, because without my instinct am nothing. I am extremely sorry but our relationship has come to an end, I gave everything I had, I am sure you did the same. I thank you for the experiences we shared. My love for you is eternal and I will always remember you, but I cannot stay with you anymore. I hope you will be able to see me as a friend sometime, goodbye”.
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Ending our relationships is difficult to decide and it will always be accompanied by suffering. We must learn to rescue the positive part of it and learn from the bad to never repeat it again and have the opportunity to be bigger as human beings, as individuals and in a new couple.

There are couples who are made to learn from each other, because their fate together will not be eternal. It is impossible to know what we prefer before knowing how everything else is or works. So separations are not always negative, because knowing and relating to others lets us know what we like, in order to decide on a solid foundation what we want for our futures. We hope to see you around soon, we will be constantly updating our site and making it suitable for your needs.

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