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It is quite difficult to accept it, but things that begin must also come to an end. Whatever the reasons might be, it is an issue that is complicated to everyone and that a lot of us have gone through, because it involves having an affection bond in our society. The reasons vary, it may be due to disagreements, because some part of us is not satisfied or for many other things that lead us to make the decision of ending the relationship.

By going through this, it is best to do so politely, because what is sought is not making enemies. Regardless of the reason that pushed you to take the decision, as follows we provide you with a draft letter that you could use to end the relationship that might be hurting you. It seems relevant here to emphasize that what is sought is to bring up how you wish the other one to be fine, instead of mentioning fights that are no longer relevant. Here you have the letter we were talking you about.

On this day I want to let you know how I feel after our breakup. I realize how complicated the subject might be, but I know well that the two of us will be better off without each other. I think the idea of having a partner is to make the other one happy, filling him or her with love and joy, the problem occurs when it is lost and the fights start as well as pointless arguments, leading us to decide to walk in different directions, separated from each other.

What I want the most in life is for you to be happy and it makes me sad to realize that you will not be so with me, nor I with you. However, I think that we have the maturity to accept what we have decided and move on in search of happiness, while no longer side by side. The truth is that I do not know what will happen, if you’ll find someone else or if you’ll stay away from relationships for a while, honestly my only wish for you is that you find yourself, learn to see what you want and what you do not want, what you like and what you don’t, and from there you can take appropriate decisions regarding relationships.

I wouldn’t change anything that we had, because I learned a lot in every aspect of my life and I think you did too. I struggle to see that what we build is gone and I know it will cost me to adapt to the fact that you’re gone, but I do not intend to erase you from my memory, you’ll probably be there forever because you meant so much to me. We lived so many wonderful things together, we achieved so much, we hurt each other, we were under pain, we had so much life together, all that will live in me forever.

I feel that I can proudly say that I met you, we met, we were together. It is rare to find someone like you, not everyone has these principles, those skills, those talents. Regardless of why we walked away from each other, I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you gave me and how much it made me grow. It’s time to say goodbye, but I just want you to know how big you are and that you’re worth a lot.

Each one of us will take its own course, I can only wish you well again, I know you will achieve great things. I hope that success follows you in all that you undertake, and I know that it will because I know your abilities, the responsibility with which you undertake challenges and how mature you are at all times.

May the Lord be with you always and in everything you do. I know that your path will be illuminated and that the fate that awaits you will be great, because I know you and I know how you do things. I wish you much happiness in your life and that you’re always in peace.

Give your love without reservations, live to the fullest. That what we had together does not make you not believe in love, we must learn from our mistakes so we do not repeat them tomorrow. I think it’s the best thing that I can wish for. I love you very much,

Name of the sender of the letter.

This type of letter can be of great help to finish a chapter of your life, for good or bad luck. Keep in mind that things happen for a reason. We expect that this example will serve your needs and that you will soon find happiness. Come back anytime you want, best regards.

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