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Often the way we think about something is subject to the moment we are experiencing in our lives and, in the same way, the things we feel and experience varies. These changes can manifest in many different ways, including the way we behave. The way we act can be expressed in various ways (how we talk, how we write, how we look, tears, laughter, etc.).

The important thing is that you know that the worst thing you can do is keep all of this of coming to light; however, you must let it flow openly as it is as healthy for both your body and spiritual health. Repressing emotions is very bad. Below you will find series of models that depict forms in which you can express.

Examples of messages to express are feeling when we are sad:

:: “I am completely disappointed, I wanted someone very much and now he/she left me to be with another person. I am overwhelmed with sadness because I surrendered to him/her and now I am completely empty handed. I want to move on, but I know it will be a while until I stop crying until everything bad stays away from me. I want to erase the memories that I have, I want to move on, I do not wish him/her anything bad, I just want to be alright”.
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:: “Although the Lord has decided that your place is at His side, I feel very sad and I need you badly. I miss seeing you laugh, hearing your voice and feeling you close to me, but I know God will look after you much better and hopefully give you His blessings forever, giving you the peace of mind you need. Give us the strength we need to continue now that you’re gone. We are thinking of you daily and we love you, dear nephew”.
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:: “We feel sad when we feel the horrible void left us by someone with his or her departure. We feel frustrated, annoyed and angry because something beyond our control pulled someone who we loved fondly. There is nothing you can do to stop experiencing these feelings, since we feel really bad and cannot find the peace we had before. The only thing left to do is hold on and courageously face what comes our way, only then we will be ok”.
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:: “All the songs I hear songs seem bleak, each tune is sadder than the one I heard before and I cannot conceive listening to music the way I did before. I feel that the colors have lost their vitality, the food no longer tastes the same as before and all because I feel really sad since you left. I cannot believe you’re not here and that the only thing I have left is my solitude. I will love you forever and I do not know how to get over this, the void left is too large for me to bear”.
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:: “I am flooded with horrible feelings, melancholy is growing and I see how everything in its path is destroyed. I see flowers die, see how the force of the seas decays and how the air no longer refreshes me like I used to. I realize that its sadness is similar to mine and that they feel as heartbroken as I am. I realize that I will be this way for a long time, because it will be very difficult to find the peace necessary to get on with my life and forget all the calamities that I have lived. I trust that the Lord will comfort me and help me stop feeling this great grief. I will need a long time to do so and all I want is it to happen fast, because I am tired of feeling so much pain all the time”.
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It is very important for you and your health that you are able to say all that you are feeling because if you do not do it, then it will eat you and you will never find the peace that you are so desperate for. Do it, you will see how you will be flood with an amazing feeling of liberation and it might even help you see things from another perspective.

Leave all the bad things aside, keep going, and do not stop. We hope that you found some help and comfort in these words and that you find the peace that you so much needed or at least a way to say what you think or feel. Come back any time you want, for we will be constantly updating our site with much more free content. See you, good luck with everything.

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