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Happy Mother’s Day,
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Mother’s Day is approaching and it is a beautiful opportunity to express your love to your wife through beautiful Mother’s Day words, which will demonstrate your best feelings.

If on this special date you need the best Mother’s Day messages for your wife, on this website you will find them, just continue reading and choose the most beautiful texts.

So, below we give you cute Mother’s Day texts for a wife, use them freely in your social networks or include them in a beautiful greeting card.

How to say happy Mother’s day to your Mother

:: “I thank God for putting you in my life and becoming my wife, Mother of my children and my eternal complement. Happy Mother’s Day my beloved. ”

:: “I didn’t think that by saying “I accept ” before the altar I was receiving my passport to happiness, thanks for letting me know the joy. Happy Mother’s Day queen of my heart. ”

:: “You are the support of this home, who keeps us united with her love, sweetness and nobility. Happy Mother’s Day, I will love you forever. ”

:: “Mother’s Day has arrived and our children and I are eternally grateful for the love you give us day by day. Thank you so much for everything.”

:: “Dear wife, I want to tell you that you are the one who fills our lives with many joys, you are the engine of our home, without you nothing would be the same. Happy Mother’s Day, I love you. ”Happy Mother's day sweetheart wordings

Mother’s day card messages & quotes

:: “My heart, thank you for encouraging me to be a better person every day, our children and I are proud to have you by our side as an example. Happy Day darling.”

:: “Today I want to tell you Happy Mother’s Day, I love you with all my heart, thank you for giving me the joy of being a Father and teaching me what true and unconditional love is.”

:: “Having you by my side is a blessing from God, you give me your sweet and kind love without conditions, you are an understanding Mother who adores our children. Congratulations!”

:: “Happy Mother’s Day, sweetie, you deserve all the joy in the world for being the best Mother and wife that can exist, we love you so much.”

:: “Arriving at our house and seeing that tender look you have makes bad things disappear, I am very lucky to have you with me, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.”Best Mother's day wishes messages greetings and sayings

Find awesome Mother’s Day words for Whatsapp

:: “There is no doubt that I am very lucky, I feel blessed for that, because you are the best Mother and wife that can exist. Happy Mother’s Day.”

:: “When you became a Mother, it was our greatest happiness, you also gave me the joy of being a Father and I wish you thousands of congratulations on this Mother’s Day.”

:: “I want you to know that I am proud to be your husband, I love you and I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day for being the best, the one that fills our home with faith, love and joy.”

:: “I chose you as my wife and Mother of my children, because since I met you I knew you were exceptional, I adore you very much and Happy Mother’s Day.”

:: “I wish you the best on this Mother’s Day, you are a good Mom, a great wife and without you our home would not be the same, you are that light that illuminates my heart and the peace I need.”

Get best lovely Mother’s day greetings

:: “Life was an uncertain path until you became my wife, since then I knew that I would never walk in vain again, you are my support, the Mother of my children, my everything. Happy Day sweetie. ”

:: “Happy Mother’s Day to you my beloved, every day you fill me with your tenderness, warmth, goodness, and that infinite love that only you know how to give, You are the best! I adore you. ”

:: “Becoming your husband was the greatest gift that God gave me, today I feel blessed for being by your side, you are a unique Mother, congratulations on your day, honey.”

:: “For the most wonderful wife and Mother: Happy Mother’s Day! May God always grant me the joy of being by your side and together to see our children grow full of love. ”

We hope that these original Mother’s Day phrases for a wife have fulfilled your expectations and have served to express all the love you have inside.

Do not hesitate to return if you need more nice Mother’s Day poems to share. Remember that we always have new and beautiful phrases for any occasion.Find the most beautiful Mother's day quotes

Sweet quotes I wish you
a beautiful Mother’s Day

On this special occasion it is impossible not to think immediately about that wonderful woman who gave you life, but you must also share beautiful Mother’s Day phrases with the woman who has given you beautiful children.

What a great opportunity to express the feelings that you carry in your heart and to send cute Mother’s Day dedications to your partner.

Lines below, you have some great ideas with which you will find it very easy to dedicate tender Mother’s Day messages to the love of your life.happy Mother's day wishes for friends and family

Happy Mother’s day messages for Whatsapp

:: “So much love and so much happiness in our home would not exist if it were not for you, darling. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “You are the Queen of our home, you are the owner of my heart and on this Mother’s Day I want to wish you all the happiness in the world, love of my life.”

:: “I want to thank God for blessing my life with a woman with a heart that is full of a love that it makes her a wonderful wife and Mother. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “Thank you for this beautiful family that you have given me, thank you for being a great Mother and for loving and caring for us with all your heart. Congratulations!”

:: “You take care of our home and with infinite love you guide our little angel every day. Thank you for being a wonderful Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Get Happy Mother’s Day, my treasure love wordings

:: “Every day I feel more in love with you because you are a great woman, an adorable wife and a Mother like no other. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “Sweetie, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all the effort you make to keep our home full of love and harmony. ”

:: “Happy Mother’s Day! I value infinitely all the effort you make for our family; you really give all of yourself with total dedication. I send you a big kiss.”

:: “Sweetheart, today we will celebrate Mother’s Day, and any gift will be little compared to everything you deserve. Congratulations!”

:: “You have made our house a refuge of love and peace. I love you with all my soul and I wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day! ”I love you and Happy Mothers Day my heart phrases

Sweet phrases I love you my heaven, Happy Mom’s Day

:: “I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, my wife! May the greatest joys be permanent in your golden heart. Thanks you for your patience and dedication to our home. ”

:: “Thousands of congratulations on this Mother’s Day! At all times you show me that choosing you as a partner was a great choice. ”

:: “We are the Parents of beautiful and very happy children, so in addition to thanking you I want to congratulate you for being a Mother like no other. Happy Mom’s Day!”

:: “I always want to have the opportunity to recognize your daily efforts and see the reflection of your love in the smiles of our children. Happy Mother’s Day, my life! ”

:: “With your effort, love, kindness and tenderness, you make our home a very happy one. Sweetheart, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and I send you many kisses! ”

Happy Mom’s Day best Messenger greetings

:: “It was only enough to see your eyes to know that in you I could find the love of my life and the Mother of my children, I will love you forever. I adore you and wish you a Happy Day! ”

:: “Today is Mother’s Day and as you are the best of all I send you this special greeting full of love and gratitude. Thousands of congratulations, my life! ”

:: “I thank God because in you I not only found the love of my life but I also found the Mother of my children. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “You strive to take care of our little ones and still give me time to show me your love, you really are a wonderful Mother and wife. Congratulations!”

:: “You really are fantastic and amazing and for that on this day I want to say thank you and I also wish you many congratulations and great blessings. ”

Wordings I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day my Queen

:: “Thank you for becoming my wife and for allowing me to be a Father, they are the two greatest things that have ever happened to me. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “Happy Day to you, love of my life and Mother of our children! I will thank you forever for the immense love with which you treat us, for your care and your sweet company. ”

:: “Thank you for giving me the greatest joys and the most wonderful blessings of my life, thank you for your love and for our beautiful daughter. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Expressing your feelings through original Mother’s Day texts for your partner will make this date unforgettable. Congratulate all Moms you know by sharing the best sms for Mom in her day with all of them.Get happy Mothers day wishes quotes messages for Messenger

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