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When a family member or a close friend passes away, the experience is very difficult to cope with and it will take you some time to recover and move on with your life. During the funeral of the deceased it is common for people to give a short speech in which they comfort all the attendees and highlight the virtues and good memories that the person has left behind.

If you are in charge of giving the speech, do not worry as in the next few lines we offer you a series of texts that you can pronounce. You will see that these words will make you feel a little better and bear peace to the closest relatives.

Free examples of funeral texts:

:: “Today is a sad day because one of my best friends has left this world forever. All of us who knew him feel a huge nostalgia when remembering him and thinking that he will no longer be among us. However, knowing that he is now enjoying heavenly glory by the side of the Lord comforts our souls. It is my desire that we feel resignation and try to follow his example as he was a person who always knew how to move forward and never gave up. Dear friend, may you rest in peace”.
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:: “It is hard to understand why such a beloved and appreciated person had to leave, but we must trust God and ask Him to give us the comfort we need to overcome this sad loss. Today he is with the Lord and he has met with those relatives that left us some time ago. Finally we will all leave this life at some point to meet again in heaven. May your memory be full joy for all of those of us who loved you. You will always live in our hearts”.
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:: “People die when they are forgotten, so we know that you will always live in our hearts. Today God wanted to take you by his side and although we feel a great sadness because we will miss you very much, we have the comfort of knowing you have moved on to a better life. You left us very valuable lessons that we will always have present in our lives. Thank you very much for being a good man, an exemplary father, a loving husband and loyal friend”.
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:: “It is sad that not you with us, yet we know that God does everything for a reason. Although you are no longer physically with us in this world, you have left an important legacy. I will remember you every day as you were a very special friend and I learned a lot from you. This great friendship between us will continue forever because I know that you will accompany me from heaven. May God hold you in his glory”.
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:: “Your prompt departure has overshadowed our hearts. Yesterday you were among us, smiling as always, and now you are gone from this world. There are so many things I want to tell you, but in summary they would be: thank you for everything you did for me, friends like you are worth gold. Rest in peace”.
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The best way to receive comfort during grief is by listening to a message that gives hope and tranquility.

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