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How to make things right after a fight, differents ways to apologize after a fight, find the best way to say sorry after a fightThe best way to apologize after a fight

On the time which we have to live in, we learn many things, but this does not always happen in the best possible way. There are times in which we have to be wrong and pretty wrong, to then be able at that moment, after thinking for a while, to rescue something positive, a lesson which will make us better.

This happens to us in all areas of our lives, because sometimes it is also necessary, that is, trial and error, keep trying different combinations until we are able to identify which is the best that fits us and our lives. One area in which this becomes more delicate, is in interpersonal relationships, because many times the error or mistake can become too large or be too meaningful, preventing us to return back to a state in which everything was fine.

So thinking about this, possibly remember more than one occasion that we have been embroiled in a dispute with someone, the consequent discomfort and the period after that. This period may be positive or negative, depending on the decisions made and what has been done, for example, whether or not if we have apologized when we were wrong.

Problems are almost always subjective, because one can think things should be one way, but not everyone has this same line of thought, but its own, and the different points of view are what generate the dispute. Regardless of whom was right, it is important that we develop an empathic ability and tolerance to put ourselves in another person’s shoes, to try to, despite we do not share, at least understand their point of view.

Ideally, in any case, we have to of everything possible to find a possibility of reconciliation and to that end; here we have brought you a series of tips that should allow you to accomplish that.

– Be calm: for this, we need to control how we breathe, making deep inhalations and slowly exhaling, allowing air to penetrate to the depths of our respiratory system, filling what we need to dispel the anger that has been generated by the problem. Then, closing your eyes and holding your breath, you will enter a state of relaxation that will allow you to be lucid.

– Analysis of the causes: as you are one of the most interested parties in that everything will be resolved in the best way and that you also regain the friendship you once had, you will have to do a thorough analysis, trying to put aside your feelings. To do this you must go back in time in your mind, think about how everything turned out and maybe make a list of the arguments each of you may have. Depending on what you get, you should evaluate whether you will be the one to approach the other partie or it is the other way round; the idea is to have a balance of perspectives. Then see what happened and how it all ended that way.

– Be a conciliator: the idea of reconciliation is not that you defeat yourself or that the other turns null, if you take the time to properly argue and, from this, propose to make amends, then you will be walking away from the conflict, not looking for more problems. Try not to be proud, because this will only make things more complicated.

– Find the right situation: remember that you have to find the correct moment and exploit the most propitious moment, as if the other part is busy or perhaps have many things in their head, they might not take the offer in the best way. Wait for them to relax and be fair, and you will do the best you can. Also, when you try to apologize, show yourself in a sincere mood to talk so that everything goes well, chasing the goal that friendship is restored.

From the above suggestions you can fix this problem that has been bothering you so much, especially because the other person is nearby and you want to be fine with them. The best we can do is to clarify everything in the best way, without getting into a submissive or dominant position, so that everything is in balance. Hopefully you will be excited to put these tips into practice and they will help you resolve the situation.

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