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Couples, whenever they decide to get married, aspire to have a very successful wedding party, many times, even despite the money they have spent on it, it just is not a success, causing dissatisfaction in the couple and discomfort in the concurrent (the invited ones).

As every activity, a wedding is an event whose success is mainly associated with pre-planning. There are people, companies who are specialists organizing wedding parties, but their cost often escapes the budget we might have, so it will always be much better for you to organize it yourself with your partner, and in order for you to be able to do that, it is necessary to plan it with enough time.

Some suggest that regarding wedding dates, it must be of, at least, a year, but we believe that if the suggestions we will make are followed with great fidelity, six months before the wedding will be sufficient for you to plan it.

Undoubtedly the first thing the couple should do is to define what type of wedding celebration if it is only intended to hold a religious ceremony according to their religious or civil ceremony only or both ceremonies.

Once the type of wedding celebration, now get to choose the size of the wedding we want, family wedding attended by close relatives, massive wedding attended by many guests or a wedding with a predefined number of concurrent and card that guests do not exceed a previously established.

Will require a budget that supports the realization of the wedding, this must be agreed by the couple themselves and saved in a bank account if those who finance the costs of marriage is the couple themselves if both work, or are parents of boyfriends.

We must agree and pick the dates and places for the religious and civil ceremonies, as well as the place where the party will make itself known as the wedding banquet.

The choice of clothing should also be agreed between the couple, because while the groom does not usually care much for his close, because he only needs to wear a tuxedo, women wear dresses, whose confection and used materials will depend on their cost and the couple’s budget. Be careful that is not expensive. Do not forget that along the dress the type and color of shoes have to be chosen, as well as the underwear the bride is going to wear in her special day.

Having a defined budget for the wedding celebration will allow us to choose everything according to our possibilities how the party or wedding banquet is going to be developed, choosing the wedding rings, the perfect cake, a delicious dinner, refreshing drinks, adequate music, and the filming and photography services at reasonable prices.

All these actions can be taken three months before the wedding and after the fourth month deliver the invitations for the wedding, so our guests can plan their attendance, find something nice to wear and, also, budget their wedding gift.

Also through this month we have to choose who will be our witnesses in both ceremonies, either our closest friends or our most beloved relatives.
By now, we already know how much money we have to plan our “honeymoon” and we will have to decide if we will travel, where we are going to go or just enough to book a hotel room.

In the fifth month, we must acquire the “memories” which are small reminder gifts that the married couple makes for their guests for having joined them at this important juncture. Also on this date we must choose who can give us the hair and makeup service in our own home for the day of our wedding.
During the sixth month, we have to supervise the fulfillment of the contracts and whatever was scheduled, guaranteeing the success of our wonderful wedding party.

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