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When you feel sad or blue, for whatever reason or in those moments when we fall into an abyss of no return and felt completely exhausted, the only thing to do is kneel down on the floor and think of Almighty God. The downside is that He only crosses our mind in those moments of despair and not when we are happy or doing well in life.
It is very sad that we wait until we are in a difficult time to remember our Lord and ask for His help.

The ingratitude that we show has to stop and, instead we have to thank Him for all the good things we enjoy. Here are some phrases that are intended to make you think on this issue and give yourself more time to think of the Lord.

List of quotes about God:

:: “Lord, You who can do anything, I want to thank you for having sacrificed Jesus Christ on our behalf, it must not have been easy for you to face such pain. Many times your sacrifice goes unnoticed, but today I want that to stop, we should stop hurting you with our indifference, I think there is still time to make a change. God never ceases to give us forgiveness and He is at our disposal all the time. All He asks is that you spend a few minutes of your day thinking about Him and that your repentance is genuine”.
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:: “To believe in the Lord one does not need to see Him, because believing means to have faith and that means to be sure that the things we hope will eventually come. Because faith is that we realize that God exists and that He has for immemorial times, because those who knew the story firsthand passed it from generation to generation”.
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:: “It is the task of the youth ones to provide honor to the seniors and make no criticism regarding them, because there are times when old age can hamper ideas. That is why you have to be patient with them and contribute with their understanding. Keep in mind that everyone reaches that point, and that we must reap what we want to sow; follow the teachings of our lord Jesus Christ”.
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:: “Keep in mind that when our soul is sick, the rest of our life is also impaired. Those who are not close to the Lord suffer from this disease. So I feel sad for all the people who do not live close to God and His teachings, then they will regret it for they will not gain access to paradise”.
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:: “Those who remain close to God can be calm and live in brotherhood, are out of trouble and so have the Lord with them every step of the way. When we put our faith in God we have nothing to fear, so keep in mind how important it is to be at peace with ourselves and with God”.
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:: “In our life we have been taught that we must do good and reject everything that comes easy, since it requires no effort then it is probably not a good thing, but rather something sinful. Only the honest ones and the ones who are free of guilt will live in paradise and stay there for all eternity”.
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:: “True friends are those who give us their constant support and help us to be free from anxieties. They are those people who are with us, no matter if we are going through a bad or good time, to comfort us when we are suffering. The best of friends will always be Jesus, the son of God because His presence and forgiveness are eternal”.
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:: “At all times you have to respect your parents, because they gave you life, if you reject them you will be hurting the Lord, as it was His work that allows you to be here, for He joined your parents. They have always given love and care, so respect them and give them the same love that they gave you”.
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I hope you enjoyed these posts and that you will be encouraged to share them among your friends and family, so they can spread God’s message as well. At all times we must remember that the Lord gave us all that we are and all that is why we owe Him everything. Try reading the Bible always, because there you will be able to find beautiful messages from God. Come back anytime for more free content, we are always updating our site in order to bring you nothing but the very best.

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