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cell phones advises, internet tips, blackberryWhy to use BlackBerry Messenger

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and today we have smart phones which have a lot of features that we could not imagine in previous years.

With today’s phones we can do many things that some years ago were only possible with a laptop since nowadays, they even have their own operating systems which allow us to download hundreds of applications or programs from internet with different functionalities.

If we talk about BlackBerry phones, there is an application that allows us to communicate without restriction with family and friends and this application is BlackBerry Messenger, which allows us to use instant messaging with our phones. In this section we will tell you the advantages for the use of this new application.


Adding a new contact to your phone is too simple, you just send the invitation and it will handle your request PIN contact and when he immediately accepts the invitation you can start using your instant messaging. You can add a contact by scanning the bar code of his phone.

Chat groups

Use your contacts to organize groups with whom you can chat at the same time. It is a very good option for those professionals who need to be in frequent contact with their teams, BlackBerry Messenger will become an indispensable tool for them.

Personal presentation

BlackBerry Messenger offers an unique personal characteristics that will make your service as your own wall which you can update with quotes, images with photos you take with your team, etc.. You can also choose color schemes and type of smiles you want to use.

Share photos, files and Videos

While chatting with your contacts by BlackBerry Messenger, you can share with them all kinds of files, such as photos, voice or video. And do not worry about the size of them because you will have a good bandwidth to transmit them.


Do not worry because your conversations will be seen by others as BlackBerry Messenger has a high level of security, all information sent through this application is encrypted so it can not be deciphered in case of interception.


The BlackBerry Smartphone GPS tracker feature enables you to watch your location and share it with all your friends on BlackBerry Messenger so they know where you are and how they can get to you.


For two people to communicate by this media, they only need to have two BlackBerry devices that count with this application because coverage is worldwide. So if you have friends or relatives living abroad you can keep in touch with them for free.


Once you submit a message via BlackBerry Messenger you will receive a shipping confirmation message through a letter ” d ” which will appear on the screen once the message is read by your contact, confirmation will be represented through a letter “r “

In order to install the BlackBerry Messenger application on your phone it will need to have a 3 MB, plus have a wireless data plan.

If you want to know more about this application and how to install it you can go to their official website in

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