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Every relationship has to face difficult times because everything does not always go perfect, however if both partners put aside their differences and decide to fight for their love, they can overcome any obstacle that arises in the way. Many relationships go through breakups and separations but they have a chance to reconcile to get back together and continue.

We are not perfect and therefore we will all make more than one mistake during our relationship, and if you put away your pride, the shame, the resentment and any other bad feelings that you have allowed to enter your heart as a result of the separation, you can contemplate the option of considering returning with your partner.

To win back your partner it is key to bring back to her memory all the beautiful moments you lived together and remember what it was that brought you together. Remember that many times a sincere apology and a nice detail is all it takes to reignite the flame of love.

An excellent detail you can have with your partner is to write a short note of reconciliation in which you expose all your feelings and tell him how much you need him and miss him. Surely you will touch a very sensitive part of his being and he will return to you.

On the next few lines we offer you an example of a note that you can use for this purpose, prior customizing it to your situation.

Example of a second chance love letter:

My love, I hope that you are well. I am writing this note to tell you that all this time that you and I have been apart has allowed me to see things in a different way. I have thought a lot and I have looked into my heart to understand my feelings and I have realized that I still love you and that I miss you very much.

Together we have lived very special moments that I know you remember very well, we have gone through difficulties and we have knew how to overcome them because we fought together to defend our love. I treasure those memories very much and would like to relive those beautiful moments by your side. You have made a decision and I do not know if you have the will to take it back for us to give each other a second chance.

Perhaps we turned into our studies and into our jobs to try to silence that voice in our hearts asking us to go back, but if we both have the willingness to rebuild our relationship, we could achieve something very beautiful.

It is not my intention of pressuring you into taking a favorable decision but I want you to think about on our situation and examine it within yourself so you know if you still have feelings for me, then I think you will have to make a decision. I wish with all my heart that you can choose the right one. My heart is waiting for you and misses you a lot, but do not worry about me if you decide not to try again, it will cost me a lot of work to accept the reality, but the day in which I do will come.

I want to tell you see you soon, I want you to know that I keep my love for you and that I will patiently wait for your response.

This card has all the elements you need in order to ask for reconciliation. Add a few verses that express your deepest feelings and make sure your partner receives it. In love sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but do not ever lose the faith in love.

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