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Surely more than one occasion we have been in the urgency of sending a text message but we took the surprise that we run out of available credit. If you think about it at that time in the alternatives you could consider making a referral through social networks but keep in mind that not all are connected most of the time. You could also use an application like Whatsapp or Viber, however not everyone has a smartphone to have such programs.

You may already know that in the web page of each telephone operator there’s a link which you can enter to send your message to your friends at no extra cost, however this service is limited to a few messages per day and is also made to be used between the same operator.

But there are several options that you can use in case you run out of credit. On the net there are several websites that allow you to send messages to any mobile anywhere in the world easily and unlimited messages. This section will tell you which pages are best for sending text messages via the Internet without charge.

TWIN SMS: Through this page you can send your posts unrestrictedly, both inside and outside the country. All you need to do to use this webpage is to register online through the link and complete the information on this link, after which you will receive a text message to your phone with a key that will serve to enter and use the service. One of the advantages of this site is that you can create your own schedule with 20 contacts; you can also send a mass text message to all your 20 contacts.

SMS MESSAGE: This is another excellent website that allows you to send your messages to anywhere in the world. The advantage of this page is that you do not request a record; you just have to click on this link and fill out the information of the person who will receive the message. You will have a maximum of 155 characters to write your message, you will see that the receptor will be aware few seconds after.

SMS SLIDE: This page is written in English language however there will be no problem in using it as it has an easy intuitive interface. Once you enter through the link you need to select the country in which the target is moving and you will notice that the phone instantly appear indicative, you simply need to add the contact number and write the message. Do not forget that before clicking the submit button you must enter the verification code is in the image.

EZ FREE SMS: This is another simple way to send your messages to your contacts without any cost, instantly. Just enter to Select the destination country, enter the number and write your message which can be up to 160 characters. To make use of this webpage is not required that you login.

A FREE SMS: Sign this page via and realize about its interface, you will see a world map in which you must select the continent and then the country of destination, then a window in which you can compose your message, enter the mobile number and finally the captcha code to send a message will appear.

Use the page that you like. Note that the delivery time depends on the destination which you send your message and the operator of destination. Be assured that the message will reach its destination.

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