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Every worker has certain duties to his employer but also have rights, like the paid vacations. This rest period is usually taken by the employee fully but even on rare occasions he may divide it into two parts of two weeks each, this agreement between the company and the employee.

In some countries the priority to take the vacation is usually conceded to those employees with greater seniority, so they may have even more holiday period.

Like all important events within a company, the output on Vacation is a fact that must be reported to the worker by a note. It should be detailed, including the day on which the employee begins to enjoy their holiday and the day on which he should return to its normal work. It is important that notification is made with enough time for the worker to organize himself.

To help you with the writing of this note, we bring three samples with which you can guide when sending this kind of notes to employees and also for the company to get informed.

Free example 1 of a vacations notification letter:

Asuncion, September 14th, 2013

Mr. Eduardo Penagos

Dear Mr. Penagos, through this we notify you have complied with the continuous working time necessary for you to take holidays and through our Head of Human Resources we will tell you that these will begin on November 1st of this year and will end on 30 of the same month.

Remember to present this work center on December 1st, 2013.

Best regards,

Abraham Finch
Head of HR

Free example 2 of a vacations notification letter:

Lima, October 25th, 2013

Miss Diana Castro

The purpose of this letter is to extend a friendly greeting from the Human Resources Office to let you know that accoriding to the law and policies of the company, you get vacation for 30 days during the current year.

This period will begin on November 10th and end on December 10th, day in which you must return to work on December 11th.

Having no other aspect to get resolved , I subscribe.

Best regards,

Alejandra Jimenez
Human Resources

Free example 3 of a vacations notification letter:

Bogotá, November 20th, 2013

Ms. Emma Galarza:

We extend a greeting from the restaurant Management being pleased to notify you that you have completed more than one year of work without interruption in our company and for that reason you can enjoy your vacation corresponding which will begin on December 1st ending on March 31st.

Likewise we make of your knowledge that you should resume your duties on January 2nd, 2014.


Yolanda Céspedes
Head of HR

Using these models you notice your employees about their holiday periods. Remember that according to the law, if you do not notify your employees, they will be in their right to request vacation.

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