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Death is a process that no one can avoid. As humans, death comes sooner or later and no matter how much you believe to be prepared, it just happens and you cannot turn time back. All of us will have that experience and no advance preparation is worth.

Death comes to break the hard link that has been developed between people, is the last stop for anyone, regardless of color, texture, sex, economic status or any other. The time cannot go back even if you cry, scream, etc. Only time will ease your pain.

However, in these difficult times we can always count on our friends and family who are for both good and bad times. We use them as a support pillar to overcome the pain.

Maybe you do not know how to respond or thank the people who shared your pain at the funeral through their presence or any flower arrangement. In this article you will learn some phrases for these moments.

Free list of phrases to thank condolences:

– “I have to thank you for being there supporting me during the difficult times of the death of my mother, you gave me a lot of strength”
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– “They say that for two pain is less difficult, you were with me in those difficult times and there’s no enough way to thank you “
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– ” I do not the wish to anyone these moments of pain, but these are the moments where you realize who your real friends are. Thanks for your company and support”
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– “I will always be grateful for your support to me and my family at this difficult time”
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– “I have always had in mind that my father was a person of great human quality, but knowing that it was also a good friend at work makes me very proud and I am very happy of knowing that through the life he has left a mark on each of the people whom he has met “
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– “Immortality is not physically live forever, but it is living in the thoughts of those who met you and those who were not lucky enough to do it, they hear positive things about you. Thanks for coming “
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– “Thanks for coming Mr. Medrano, I know how much my father appreciated you and your family”
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– “Despite the sadness that fills my heart and my family’s, we have to accept that the presence of our father during our life was essential for us to be the people we are today. He left a mark on us and on his friends “
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– “My father always told me that death is the stage in life where you realize how appreciated you were by your friends, the only bad thing is that he is no longer with us to thank you, so I will do so for him, thank you all for coming. “
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– “We’ve always wanted to know how a guardian angel is; tonight I find out that he is like a father. We greatly appreciate your presence here. My father left this world physically, but he is now at peace with the Lord. “
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– “My father always told me that when he dies I should not get sad because from that moment I will always have someone to intercede directly for me and for the whole family just by thinking about him. Thank you all for coming. “
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– In the grave of my father I have wrote that he was a good father, a good friend, a good husband and a good worker “Thanks you for being here.
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