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Sweet wedding wishes for friends

Weddings or marriages have always been considered a very important event or happening in every society.

Thus, a marriage or wedding is a social event that many want to attend but which not everyone is invited.

Thus, when invited to a wedding one needs expressions or phrases to congratulate the newlyweds for taking this big step in their lives: marriage.

Below you will find some examples of the best weedings wishes to friends.

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I wish you many congratulations on this important day of your lives. Today you begin a journey together that will lead to happiness, love and mutual respect, which one day would have the wonderful result of children’s arrival.
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– My infinite respect groom and bride, you join your lives today despite many examples of divorce, marital fights and problems that surround us every day.
Category :Whatsapp wedding wishes

– Congratulations to the couple on this important day of your lives: your marriage.
Category :Whatsapp wedding wishes

I wish you all the happiness in the world in this day and never lose the communication and respect that are so necessary elements for a couple.
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– Congratulations wholeheartedly for the day of your marriage. We wish you happiness, dear friends.
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💖What can I write in my friends wedding card?

Congratulations on your wedding. I see you both very happy and it fills me with joy and gladness. Long live for the brand new spouses.
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– Eagerly await your silver anniversary because I know you will achieve a happy marriage. These are the best wishes of your friends.
Category :Facebook wedding greetings

– Thanks for letting me being part of this important event in your lives. Happy marriage for both, you are a cute couple.
Category :Facebook wedding greetings

– There are no words; nothing can express all the happiness I feel to see you happily married. We love you guys.
Category :Facebook wedding greetings

– I felt very happy when I knew that you were about to get married, you make a beautiful couple. Many congratulations on your marriage.
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Wedding wishes:Examples of what to write in a wedding card 💖Lovely phrases to my friend on the eve of her wedding day

– I ask our Lord to bless your marriage today, tomorrow and always. Many congratulations.
Category :Best wedding quotes for friends

– The door that allows access to a married life, is the day of your marriage, you should work together to keep always love and respect in your relationship. Congratulations on this new stage of your lives.
Category :Best wedding quotes for friends

– To my best friends with all the love in the world. Always remain together and as happy as I saw you today on the day of your marriage.
Category :Best wedding quotes for friends

– On this special day I wish that your hearts are filled with joy and God bless you today, tomorrow and always.
Category :Best wedding quotes for friends

– Dear friends many blessings to you in your marriage. I wish you to be happy forever.
Category :Best wedding quotes for friends

Download best WhatsApp messages for a wedding 💖Cute wedding Wishes and blessings for cards

– Dear friends, do not forget that the key points for the success of a marriage are love, respect and communication. I wish you many successes in this new part of your life.
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– I see you have a radiated happiness today on the day of your wedding and I have envy of the luck dear friends because I think that a happy life is possible. Many congratulations.
Category :Wedding blessings for cards

– Thank you very much for letting us share this special day with you.
Category :Wedding blessings for cards

– Much peace and happiness for your new home.
Category :Wedding blessings for cards

– Friends never forget that the basis of a good marriage is love so we have to make it grow every day.
Category :Wedding blessings for cards

– Seeing at the church filled us with so much joy and happiness, we could not forget the day we first saw you cross their eyes when we introduced you, then you just got in love. Congratulations dear friends.
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💖Download best long wedding greetings to send

One of the most important events in the life of a couple is, undoubtedly, their wedding and saying “yes”. church, before God and all their loved ones.

If we know a couple who has just got married, it is important that anyone that appreciates them, lets them know they want nothing but the best for them in this new venture being undertaken. We invite you to join this celebration through the greetings that you will find right below.

Remember, you do not have to pay anything to use them and all you have to do is to give them your personal touch to make sure they know who it comes from and what your intentions are.

Best wedding wishes quotes💖Beautiful messenger long messages for a wedding

:: “One of the greatest joys you may feel, is what you experience when watching a couple who loves each other with the passion that you share. It has been very nice to witness such a beautiful union, now also supported by our Lord.

I hope everything goes great, always with respect, love, trust and generosity. Congratulations and a big hug to each of you”.
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:: “I want to wish you my sincere congratulations on the marriage ahead. I think it is great that you guys have taken this decision together and I want to thank you wholeheartedly for thinking of us to join you such special day.

We cannot wait for the day to celebrate your love properly. Be calm, for nothing will go wrong; when there is love, everything is possible.

May you never be stopped, for in life it is important to row to get what we want; it is simply the law of life. XOXO and, again, congratulations”.
Category :Long wedding messages

:: “People who share such an intense love are entitled to everything, provided that they respect the rights of others. You, after so much struggle and having reached so many goals, are finally going to fulfill one of your biggest dreams, to unite your lives in holy matrimony.

Many people might tell you that you are too young to take on such a big commitment, but I know the love you have is real, a love that will last for a lifetime and even beyond it too.

I know it might be a bit early for this, but I want to visit you in your new home; I am sure it will have a lovely homely feel and that it will be really cozy, because you transmit peace, love and affection”.
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:: “When we decide to get married, it is not for a few years or a few months, but until death do us part. It is sad how this concept has been lost and how people now see this sacred union as something disposable, but I know that in your case it is different and that, if you are making this decision, is because you are sure of it.

I wish the prettiest things on the universe for you today, tomorrow and all the days that follow. Congratulations and much love, patience, wisdom and respect, the pillars of a good life”.
Category :Long wedding messages

:: “What a great joy to hear of your commitment and now that you are about to get married, evidently happiness overwhelms me. It is nice to see how you have evolved as a couple and how you struggled to cope.

The maturity you have is not typical of youth and therefore I applaud it and support one hundred percent the decision you are making. You are a beautiful couple, full of life and a bright future ahead. Congratulations on your marriage and may it be the best”.
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We sincerely hope you have enjoyed these greetings and that you will find them nice enough to send them to your loved ones in the day of their marriage. See you soon and good luck.

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