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All people make mistakes at some point, in some occasions we do not notice and in others we make them on purpose. It is part of human nature to have flaws that often make our loved ones feel bad. . The best we can do is admit that we were wrong and apologize to those offended. To demonstrate repentance we do not require to humiliate ourselves or to shed tears.

Knowing how to apologize is rather something spontaneous that is born from the depths of our soul. We must be brave and take the pain we have caused with our faults to our friends or families. In this article we present a list of messages to apologize. Send these messages via text message or social networks so that you can be forgiven.

Free list of the best messages to apologize:

– “I accept that I was wrong, I should not behave that way, and I hope you know I sincerely apologize.”
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– “I did not realize what I was doing and I did not trust you, I feel really bad about what happened, I feel destroyed for causing you pain, and did not believe in what you said. I ask you to apologize.”
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– “I never did understand what was happening, neither the things that were happening nor now I beg you to forgive me for not filling your expectations. I’m not who you expected, but I’m really not a bad person.”
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– “I am devastated by what happened and I think it was my entire fault, I beg you to apologize me for causing you so much discomfort. I sincerely hope you understand and forgive me for all the bad things I did.”
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– “If you have ever cried because of my fault I want to tell you that you sincerely find a way to forgive me, I feel very sorry for the things I did and I swear that will never happen again.”
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– “I am not wrong in saying that you love me but I know it will not be so easy for you to forgive me. You yourself saw how I betrayed you and perhaps things will be nothing alike again, but I beg you to accept my apology.”
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– “I feel bad because I am responsible for all of your suffering and that is something that haunts me, I beg you to forgive me for having taken advantage of your trust and for not fulfilling the promises I made.”
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– “I feel the like the most cruel person in the world, I betrayed you and I behaved very badly with you, but I want to tell you that despite everything I love you very much and I sincerely hope you can forgive me.”
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– “I’m sorry, I did not value you as I should, you’re the most important person for me, being away from you makes me feel so much grief, I miss you my love.”
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– “I cannot turn back days and avoid my mistake, what I can do is attempt in these painful moments is to sincerely beg you to please accept my apologies for the bad decisions I made. I ask that you stop thinking about the mistake I made.”
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We hope you liked some of these phrases to apologize and that you decide to send them to the people who you hurt with your mistakes.

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