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Something we all have in common is the belief in a higher being that gives us life and guides us every moment of our existence. Well this being in which most people believe is the true God, the one who sent his son Jesus Christ to bring us salvation and free us from the chains of sin .

It is God in whom we put our trust because we are his children and He wants the best for us , so every day we feel the influence of the great love He has for us and so we must share it with those around us especially those who have a bleak vision of the future, those who believe they cannot be in a worse situation and may not cope with their burdens .

So you can share a Christian message to all the people you know, we offer you a list of Christian phrases which will be of great utility. Read them , take the best lessons and share them with others, you will have the blessing of reaching many people and making a difference in them.

Free list of Christian phrases:

– ” Hope is the last thing you lose and this is because God never abandons us , He gives us his love always hoping for the best of us.”
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– “I never feel alone because by our side there is always God who wants to guide us on the right path that leads to happiness “
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– “Faith is believing in what we cannot see that actually exists, for that reason, do not look for evidence , nor ask seeing for believing”
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– “No one in this world is perfect , only God is , for that reason we all make mistakes and if you have made them, you must understand that they are for your own good because you will learn and be better in life “
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– “No matter how heavy your load is, if you accept Jesus Christ into your life it will be easier to carry and you can discover what is happiness “
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– “Learn from the Savior and the great sacrifice he made for us, no one has ever suffered as he did, so do not complain about your diseases and your problems “
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– ” We should always be thankful for all that God does for us , nothing that we are what we would have done it without him “
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– ” If you want to be saved the follow the example of Jesus Christ and do all the good works that He did , help your neighbor and always give the best from you”
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– ” Every time you do your prayers to the Father , thank Him , kneeling , for all the blessings you have received and ask about the welfare of your family “
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– “If you want to see God, go outside and see Him in every person you meet because we are all His children and have the same opportunities to do good to be saved “
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– ” Collect your treasures in heaven and not on earth , because the latter you will not be able to take nor enjoy when you die.”
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– ” The only sacrifice God asks for you is to have a contrite heart , always willing to keep His commandments and do good “
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Do not forget that God is always waiting for you , so raise your prayers to Him and ask for strength to overcome temptation and always follow his commandments . Always thank Him for all your blessings and show your gratitude every day , you will see that you will be happy and that others will ask you what your secret is . Remember that in our site you will find the best quotes and tips from the internet .

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