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Lima is one of the largest South American capitals and it is recognized worldwide for its rich culture and history and for being the first city in America to host a university.

Currently, it has the most important universities of Peru. Lima has 7 public universities and over 40 private universities and despite this inequality in number, their public universities have a very high level even makes them stand above most private universities.

In this article we will tell you which public universities are the best of all in Lima.


The National University of San Marcos is considered the dean of America as it was the first university to be founded in Latin America.

Currently it has 22 faculties, excellent facilities and a scientific research institute, the language center and additionally several graduate schools. San Marcos was the first Peruvian university to obtain international high quality accreditation, showing that it is one of the best of Peru and that it is a world-class university.

Additionally, we must mention that this university has an excellent program of scholarships and loans and agreements with foreign universities to benefit their students to study abroad. If you want to know more about this institution, visit


It is the most prestigious university in the field of engineering, National Engineering University has definitely an international quality engineering level.

It features eleven different faculties of engineering, excellent infrastructure and equipment, laboratories including computer labs. This university has many important agreements at national and international level. For more information see page


It is located in one of the most renowned districts of Lima. It complete name is Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. This institution has 8 different faculties and their emphasis is on environmental resources and responsible ecology industrialization.

This university with the previous two formed a strategic alliance. It also provides facilities to its graduates to continue studies abroad. For additional information you can check UNALM


Established in 1963 under the name of Federico Villareal National University, has grown to be considered one of the best universities around the country.

Today it has a total of 18 faculties in addition to their graduate schools, education, computer science, pre-university and distance education program. Like its predecessors, this university has international agreements with leading universities. Visit their website for more information


Callao is the constitutional province of Peru and is the pole of development of Lima, as well as its entry into the world.

Its university, the National University of Callao is one of the best in the country and it has a total of 11 schools spread across its headquarters in Callao and Cañete.

Additional features include graduate, technology and languages centers in addition to a complete infrastructure within which highlights the library, all of this for the benefit of their students. If you want additional information, visit their official site

If you want to learn more about universities in different countries and much more, come back soon. This website is in constant renovation. We hope you find this information useful for your interests.

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